younger sibling

From always covering up for them, to being told to ‘act’ like the mature one, to hiding their share of sweets from the fridge; there is this separate category of “the ways to live life”, called ‘being the elder sibling’.

Albeit, each person’s life is decorated with a set of unique experiences, every elder sibling can recognize with the following instances.

  1. The not so better half… of Maggi

younger sibling

There is no way that you make Maggi and the two minute noodles get divided into two equal parts. Huh, never!  Also, they are none the wiser about the fact that you already ate some of it in the kitchen.

2. When you were kids, you had a common wardrobe.

younger sibling

And sometimes our parents were sneaky enough to buy clothes that fit both their unlucky off springs. 😀

3. And if you’re two brothers or two sisters, the legacy still continues.

younger sibling

Did someone mention access to DOUBLE the wardrobe? HELL YEAH!

4. BUT if you’re one sister and one brother, she probably owns all of your hoodies more than you do.

younger sibling

Because hoodies are love. Hoodies are life <3

5. The adopted one…

younger sibling

Because he/she surely doesn’t resemble any one of our farthest relatives, that TOTALLY means that he/she came out of a dustbin *secretly hides his/her birth certificate* .

6. You both had, or maybe still have to mutually take a stand for one another in school. And bank the promised treats to not let that reach mummy and papa.

younger sibling

Because what happens in school, should stay in school (topped up with a few chocolates, of course)

7. You’ve mastered the supreme art of fighting with pillows, footwear, and other weapons of mass destruction.

younger sibling

Could’ve been the next super spy and done it all with a lot of class and sass, but chose not to because of the samaritan you are.

8. Yet sometimes you join forces to convince your parents get you the long sought worldly goods of common interest.

younger sibling

Collaborating for that video game you both love so much. *swift handshake*

9. Your go-to gossip buddies!

younger sibling

You know what? Our math teacher tries to be so damn funny. I don’t even like to smile at what he says…

10. When they’ve moved away, you’ve missed them (admit it).

younger sibling

Something’s missing at home; isn’t it?

11. The younger one is the luckier one and is loved more *tear rolls down the eye*

younger sibling

The parents shall never admit it, but they always have a soft corner for the younger one in their hearts.

12. You grew up way before you should have

younger sibling

Whilst taking care of them, covering up for them, lecturing them, compromising in logics and equality, and losing arguments with the parents…. Wait! I’m supposed to be a kid too, no?

13. No matter how much they annoy you, you end up taking care of them.

younger sibling

That’s just you being you.

Well, they might be cuter than you, or more loved, but they sure can be a pain in the head (hah! Smooth?). No matter how many times they claim that they don’t like you or whatsoever, we promise they love you just as much.

But if you just read this, and are a younger sibling, you are adopted. *runs away at 157605 km/sec*

-Ananya Talwar

Read more about her here.



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