Taylor Swift’s Cats: A Lesson in Love & Relationships

taylor swift's cats

Love her or hate her, but you simply can’t ignore Taylor Swift. Her songs and her relationships are talked about both online and offline. But one relationship that I feel needs more attention is with Taylor Swift’s cats.

I know. I know. You’re thinking “cats”? But hold your hors- well, in this case, cats. Take a moment to read what I have to say. For the longest time she has been ridiculed for dating a plethora of men. They keep coming and going. But one thing that has truly remained constant in her life is her cats.

Taylor Swift has three cats. Each of their names are inspired by her favorite TV shows/movies. For instance, one of her cats is named Meredith Grey (after the protagonist from Grey’s Anatomy). Another is named Olivia Benson (named after a character from Law & Order). And finally, Benjamin Button (after Brad Pitt’s reverse-aging starring role).

But what has love and relationship got to do with Taylor Swift’s cats? It is actually very simple. Our pets are a reflection of the love we put out. And if put in perspective, it is a great lesson in how one should love oneself. When two individuals fall in love with each other, it is not unconditional. Even if we say we love someone unconditionally, it essentially means we expect love in return- which again is an expectation.

taylor swift's cats

With pets or even objects, it is the polar opposite. For it is a shining example of ‘cup runneth over’. You can only give love to animals or memories or objects. There is no guarantee that you will receive the same love back. Thus, it truly is a way to accept one’s self, completely and might I say, unconditionally.

For the longest time, we have been led to believe that the perfect love truly transforms your life. And in many ways it does. But nothing in this world is without a little ‘quid pro quo’. It may not be materialistic in nature but expectations still sprout. Whether it is wanting love, validation or even plain, acknowledgement.

But when you truly accept yourself as an individual who is the source of all love you could possibly need, life becomes easier. Simpler. So do your relationships. Because two things happen. One, your happiness does not depend on an external person. Two, because you know what loving yourself should feel like, you expect the same from your relationships. Hence, you will never settle for anything less.

Life has a funny way of making us realise that. Sometimes you learn this by experience. On other times, all you need are Taylor Swift’s cats!

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