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Pause Your Life- The Upside to Corona Virus Pandemic

pause life corona virus upside

When was the last time you just sat all by yourself, paused and thought about the things happening around you. Wondered whether they are good or bad? Despite all the mayhem Corona Virus has caused in the world, it has also brought us an opportunity. An opportunity to dig deeper. Isn’t it the correct time now? A time to pause, think and reflect? When everyone wants us stay at our own places and not bother anyone?  So take this opportunity to relax and above all, stay calm.

This is a an unprecedented situation, especially in the Indian scenario. No one is judging anyone for what they are doing currently. Why? Because everyone understands each person has their own way of dealing with this situation. Further, no one is interfering in anyone’s life. So no pesky relatives or neighbors want to know ‘what you’re up to?’. And isn’t this what we always wanted? To live on our own peacefully and people stop interfering? Well, the Corona Virus is giving you a gift.

So what you should do? Well,  utilize this “sabbatical” by taking some time and spending that with yourself. By this I mean self-love. Surely, everyone loves themselves a lot. But in this fast moving world we don’t find enough time for ourselves. However, now you have plenty of time. If you are at home, then spend some quality family time instead of catching up only over dinner or vacations. Also, you can spend your day together reliving childhood memories or even planning future vacations! This would certainly make you AND your family happy.

pause life corona virus upside
The Corona Virus situation allows you to press Pause and appreciate the little things in life.

Before this our lives had been a constant cycle of cribbing about Mondays. I am sure you too must have seen so many memes on social media about the dreaded Monday. But now, there is no difference between Mondays and Sundays. In fact, during this time, most of us don’t even remember what day it is! But alas, there is still the problem of staying at home. It is rightly said that no matter how much we have in our plate still we won’t be satisfied. But this is not a demanding time. There are no deadlines to ace, no meetings to go to, no goals to achieve- perhaps just that of happiness. So just pause a little.  Give yourself a break and even our Mother Nature (because, THAT is going extremely well for us).

I know it is really difficult to sit at home all day. But it is a great opportunity to face our inner most thoughts and de-clutter our minds. Spend time to follow your passions or learn something or anything else for that matter. Your time now is completely yours. You can’t blame anyone or anything. It’s just you, all by yourself. The thought can be scary, but it can be truly beautiful as well. You can do plenty of things. So do what you love doing- it may be reading or cooking or baking or anything else. Now is the time to stop cribbing that you don’t get enough time to follow your dreams and passion. Because this is the correct time to sit back, analyze and implement when you as well as the world is ready for it.

“Eat like you love yourself. Move like you love yourself. Speak like you love yourself. Act like your love yourself. Love yourself.”

The point of coming up and writing this was not only to make you love yourself. But also, that at this point of time, when whole world is fighting Corona Virus together, we should not panic and stay calm. There are people who are dealing with mental health issues. I just saw a video where it was correctly said that do not panic. Since there are people who are compulsive/ obsessive thinkers or have anxiety issues and panic disorders- just imagine how difficult it would be for them to keep their heads at the right place. They might be and they are getting more stressed. So we should speak wisely because in this need of hour we require each other’s support.

pause life corona virus upside
The Corona Virus pandemic has an unexpected upside- the opportunity to press Pause on our lives and unwind.

It is really difficult for some people to stay indoors as they become anxious. If you feel you are one of them, you should be vocal abut it and reach out to your friends or family. But in case, that is not possible, it is totally okay to reach out to a stranger as well. There are many mental health professionals or support groups which are available. And if you just want to talk, just drop us an email.

At this point, we all should pause a little and let things happen. See outside, our Mother Earth is healing, the air quality is improving and plants and animals are happy.

And you know we can’t pour from an empty cup, right? So charge yourself up in this “ME TIME” to survive life further. Happiness comes from within and it is a great time to cultivate that. So stay calm and above all, stay at home.

By staying home, you can give the gift of life to the world. So, take all precautions, be safe and follow what we are asked to, since it is for our betterment.


P.S. You can access WHO Corona Virus Safety Guidelines for the Public here.

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