Mother’s Day Ode to All the Mothers

mother's day

Here’s a date marked on the calendar i.e the Second Sunday of MAY. Often known to be MOTHER’S DAY, it symbolizes, empowers mothers of the nations, showing them gratitude and affection for their delicately selfless, immensely pious headstrong hardships.

She holds the world’s hardest job with the most elite of the titles. Because she’s trying to be enough for all the family members to satisfy their needs.

She doesn’t get holidays or paid vacations. Neither does she get spring breaks. She gives so much yet gains so much (gained weight funnily), she says.

Her stretch marks or scars are all breathtakingly beautiful to her, as they are the proof of the pain she endured to bloom a child like you, she says.

Her eyes have the color of kindness, strength and courage. Sometimes, I think the world stops and restarts when she blinks.

Above all , what is to be remembered is she is a human who has mastered her meaning. Also, the one who brings calm, peace, elation and rush in adrenaline.

So here is a list of some ideas that may cheer up your MOM and make her feel unique and special on Mother’s Day:

  1. Host her a breakfast in bed.
  2. Write a note or a postcard to her.
  3. Cook Something “TOGETHER”
  4. Tackle some house hold work like cleaning home.
  5. Working out together with – stay healthy
  6. Flip through old albums (memories)
  7. Craft your way or paint something.
  8. Binge watch your mum’s favorite movie or series.
  9. Treat her to an at home head or foot massage.
  10. Pray together
mother's day

In addition, let’s be grateful to the universe. Take a moment to praise her for all her efforts. Thank her for all she gave in any form which brings a sense of smile at her face. Also, pray to god for her well being and good health

In Conclusion, Thank you, Mom. You didn’t have a road map. But you guided us from infancy to adulthood. We would be lost without you. So we salute you on Mother’s Day—and every day. It’s your love that makes the world go round.

Her love is supreme. Her love is powerful.

-Muskaan Sharma
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