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FOUNDER, Editor-in-chief and blogger describes Mrinaal as “An aspiring lawyer, a blogger, promotional manager and supervisor for firms like and Aap Vakeel Hain, a social worker for WWF for Nature and a content creator for 4 different firms, Mrinaal Datt is surely the perfect example of jack of all trades. Add it to her latest gig with MTV and that surely validates her talent. A political enthusiast, an avid reader and a vlogger on Youtube, she is a force to be reckoned with.”
You can read more of her writings on her official Facebook page or on her Instagram.

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Co-founder and Social Media Manager

An aspiring chef, Aryan spends his time juggling between writing, managing social media for multiple brands, college and a thriving fashion blog on Instagram. 


Technical Advisor

A student of in Animation at Chandigarh University, Raman is your go-to guy for all things tech. With an inherent interest in Information Technology, his knowledge surpasses his age. A man of few words, he’s played a major role in the development of the website.


Megha Gupta

Megha is an engineering student and aspires to touch everyone’s heart through her writings. She loves exploring places, the traditional food of the place and the unexplored things which makes that place special. She is a mountain kid and believes that she is connected to the mountains. She loves playing, reading, writing, cooking and travelling to new places.


Priya Sharma

A lover of tales and talks, Priya keeps setting her ‘decode society’ dragon free from time to time. A first year Sociology hons. student at Lady Shree Ram College for Women, Delhi University. Pen and chai is a divine combination to her. If you don’t find her writing, you’ll probably find her admiring the moon and meditating on it. Mythology and fiction interest her and she loves performing a postmortem on the history, putting on her feminist gloves. The policy of her life: delve into happiness, even if it’s imaginary. So she creates happiness with her words.
Sharanpal Singh
21 years old and presently doing bachelor’s in civil engineering from Chandigarh University, Sharanpal is  from Karnah- a small village located at the border between India and Pakistan in Kashmir. A true blue pahadi, he loves mountains and forests. A frequent traveler, he loves to interact with the locals and learn about their culture and customs. Apart from that he loves playing basketball, reading, partying and listening to music.


  1. […] By Mrinaal Datt – February 10, 2017 0 2 Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter We all have lost someone special in our lives. Either due to some accident or disease. But losing that someone special brings a huge change in our lives. Be it change in our relationships, career, priorities and most importantly in ‘faith’. It all depends on the bond we share with that person. But as we all know, life is all about ‘moving on’. Time doesn’t stop for anyone after all. Such tragedies lead to major impact on a person’s life. And leave the scars on the heart and mind which hardly fade away. But every such person needs someone in their life to give them strength and courage to deal with this huge loss and overcome the insecurities. Some other ways to deal with such loss can be: 1.Take time when making major decisions. The year after the death of a loved one is very emotional. Mental health experts suggest waiting at least a year before making any major decisions, such as moving or changing jobs. 2.Share new responsibilities. It takes time for you and your family to adjust to new responsibilities and settle into a new routine. This is especially important for younger children who may be particularly upset and they need more attention too. 3. Get help handling financial and legal matters. The many financial and legal tasks that follow a death often seem overwhelming. This is especially true if you are not used to handling your own financial and legal affairs. If possible, talk with a legal or financial expert, such as a lawyer, an accountant, or a financial advisor. 4. Consider joining a support group. Support groups offer you the chance to talk with others who share your feelings and experiences. 5. Be positive.  Don’t fear change. Develop and pursue new interests and engage yourself in activities that comfort your heart and mind. And don’t feel guilty about doing it. This is true that it is not a single person who dies but mentally the whole family ends. The pain is unbearable to handle and deal with. But life is a puzzle and every experience forms a part of this puzzle. If someone close to you dies, it feels like he took a piece of the puzzle that will never return and the puzzle would be incomplete forever. So guys, don’t wait for a perfect moment to come, just bring out what you feel for someone because you never know when someone’s last goodbye is. Love more, hate less because life is too short to carry the burden of grudges. So be happy. Keep smiling. Stay blessed. – Lavisha Gera  Edited by Mrinaal Datt Read more about them here. […]

  2. […] By admin – August 10, 2017 0 1 Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter I was supposed to write a fashion blog today. And I had promised myself that I will keep my mouth shut regarding this since I am called a motormouth as it is. But what the hell, right? We all know about the Chandigarh Stalking incident. If you don’t, you have probably been living under a rock. Anyway, a question that I am constantly being asked in the backdrop of the now imfamous Chandigarh Stalking incident is “We thought ‘your Chandigarh’ was safe”. And I wondered IS “my Chandigarh” safe? To put things in perspective, I need to begin from the beginning. So let me ask YOU- What makes a city unsafe? The law and order? The people? Their mindset? Well, Varnika herself lauded the police for their timely response, didn’t she? So the law and order situation seems to be kinda okay, right? Must be the people then. But Chandigarh people are known to be so kindhearted and welcoming. Well, what about mindset then? I was at a traffic signal yesterday where an ambulance fast approached. The side having the green light stopped to let the other side make way for the ambulance. This unspoken understanding between hundreds of people in one go makes me think that our mindset too seems to be in the right place. So what makes my city unsafe? What makes any city unsafe? Let’s look at Delhi. Delhi is called the rape capital of India. But I spent a month in that city 2-3 years ago and except for a few lecherous men in the metro, I had a pleasant experience. Never for once did I feel “unsafe”. Varnika Kundu, a DJ, was stalked by two men late at night. One of the accused is the son of a BJP leader The point I am trying to make here is- no matter where you live, any person, be it a man or a woman, cannot be 100% safe. Why? Because we don’t use “anti-society elements” security check system before letting them inside our cities. (Seriously though, there is no such thing.) You will find all kinds of people everywhere and that includes stalkers, rapists, murderers, thieves and what not. But that doesn’t make a city safe or unsafe. It just means that in this day and age, we have the power to bring such incidents to the forefront and take them to their logical conclusion. Imagine if it were not for Facebook and the media, would this incident have gained as much steam as it has now? Probably not. Would that BJP leader been forced to take back his girls-should-not-go-out-late comment had it not been for our collective backlash? I don’t think so. These are minor victories on the path to a long drawn war against such regressive mindsets. And as far as the issue regarding the same in Panjab University is concerned, I really think it is so shameful that some political parties are using it to further their electoral agenda. If you really care for the safety of women- show it, don’t just shout slogans and create ruckus on national television. More so when is about the safety of women, more specifically the Chandigarh Stalking incident. The youth of the country is better than that and we owe it to ourselves to walk the talk. -Mrinaal Datt Follow her on Instagram here. Read more about her here. […]

  3. […] By admin – September 11, 2017 0 1 Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Recently I had the opportunity to read ‘Social Recruiters’ by Mr. Amit Sharma, the Managing Director of Big Ideas HR Consulting Private Limited. Now you must be intrigued by the title of the book. Well, it does use to distinctive words together- social and recruitment. If you are a potential corporate employee, a businessman, a startup or any other individual from any walk of life- this book is for you. Now let me tell you why. There are two reasons to it- You will have to face the recruitment process at least once in your lifetime, no matter on which side of the table you might be, one. Two, you are on at least one social networking site. So what does that mean for you? This is exactly what ‘Social Recruiters’ seeks to answer. With the role of social media increasing in our lives with every passing day, it is impossible for businesses to remain unaffected by it. As a result, many companies are hiring “Social Recruiters” to court prospective employees on various social networking sites. These recruiters may be as old as your parents and as young as me and you, or even younger. Thus, this book by Amit Sharma is a great insight into the changing dynamics of the corporate world. Now if you think that it makes the book a very boring read, let me warn you at the outset- it is simply not true. The book makes sure it doesn’t turn into a yawn. There are interesting stories and anecdotes to keep things interesting. For example- did you know that recruitment in the modern times finds its origins in the Roman history? Well, you do now! All in all, this book is a great read for anyone who would like to know the future of recruitment. So, if all of this sounds interesting to you, you may take a look at the book here. -Mrinaal Datt  Follow me on Instagram here Read more about me here. […]

  4. […] By admin – February 10, 2018 0 1 Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Book: The Tree With A Thousand Apples Author: Sanchit Gupta Publication: Niyogi Books India Sypnosis: The lives of three innocent children are shattered during an insurgent night in war torn Kashmir. Twenty years later, when their paths cross again, an innocent civilian is fighting for justice, an exiled Pandit longs for belonging, while a ruthless rebel aches for redemption. Review: Kashmir- the mention of the place invokes different feelings and emotions amongst different people. For some it is God’s Paradise on Earth. For some it is a place they’d like to visit once before they die. Then there’s some for whom it is a battlefield. And for some, just a place they read about in the news. But what is Kashmir to those who actually stay in the disturbed area? The one’s who are not militants, neither belong to the army, nor do they owe allegiance to Pakistan but are caught in the crossfire? The Tree With A Thousand Apples is a poignant account of such families. It touches upon various issues including the question of ‘Azadi’ and what is Kashmiriyat? Written by Sanchit Gupta, the book discusses the lives of three individuals- a Kashmiri Pandit, a Kashmiri Muslim female and a Kashmiri Muslim male turned militant- who are all friends. The story begins from the very beginning- the Kashmir that once was and traces its journey to what it now is, marred by militant attacks, the introduction of AFSPA and how it has destroyed the lives of innocent civilians. The book at times feels slow but you don’t really feel like putting it down because it portrays the reality just the way it is- there are no villains and no heroes. You don’t hate the militants and neither do you love the Indian army throughout this book because the writing is that honest. No rosy pictures are painted, what is held up is a mirror. A mirror that shows our ignorant attitude, the skewed beliefs that we have been brought up with and our messed up perspective on Kashmir. All this in the background of friendship, love, sacrifice and tragedy. After putting this book down you’re probably gonna need a minute to yourself because it is that impactful. The writing is amazing and the way the Kashmiri culture has been described, you can actually feel yourself there. No wonder it is so well received everywhere because The Tree With A Thousand Apples is a must read. You can find the book online here. Rating: 4.5/5 Price: 350 INR -Mrinaal Datt Follow me on Instagram here. Read more about me here. […]


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