An ode to the brother-sister relationship this Rakhi


Here comes the festival of joy and brotherhood- Raksha Bandhan, or simply Rakhi. It brings about a ray of enjoyment among all the siblings. Siblings who are tie to each other through this sacred thread. The rejoice about the fact that the bond that they share is eternal and pious. Rakhi embarks the celebration of this bond and makes it last forever in the hearts of the siblings. Rakhis are the perfect way of saying that brother/sister, you mean a lot to me.

But the most interesting part is the relationship of a brother and an sister that strengthens every time they celebrate this festival. Fighting, loving, caring, irritating each other- this is what is a siblings’ relationship is all about. They steal each other’s stuff and cannot see the other sibling in peace. They keep on finding one way or another to irritate them.

But if you think this is only what a brother-sister relation is all about, then you are wrong. There is so much more to it so just take a few minutes to read this out and get a flashback of all those happy moments spent with your partner in crime. I am sure each one of you will be able to relate to these-

  1. You must be best friends since childhood and have surely accompanied each other in all the stupid pranks you could ever perform.
  2. You must have always fought for the T.V. remote. That is not all. You must have also hid the remote, or stood in front of the TV, to not allow your sibling to watch/change the channel.Rakhi
  3. You never skipped the fun when your brother or sister was being scolded by your parents.
  4. You might as well have forged the signature of your parents in your test papers.
  5. Occasionally, you two might have joined forces and brought the worst out in each other.
  6. Your whole childhood was a constant power struggle of getting the most attention.
  7. You might have told each other that you are adopted or either you might have told them you have been picked up from the dustbin.
  8. If you were the brother, you gave in to at least one makeover from your sister.
  9. And if you were the sister, you probably fell victim to your brother’s pranks one too many times.
  10. Your old photo albums are filled with pictures basically summing up your love/hate relationship as children.
  11. As you have grown up, you two have become closer as your sibling rivalry has decreased. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t waiting for the opportune moment to unleash blackmail. Because blackmailing each other has been a major part of your relationship.
  12. You are extremely protective of each other when it comes to dating.
    At the end of the day, there is nothing stronger than a brother/sister bond. This is what a brother sister relationship is all about and it just keeps getting stronger day by day.

Wishing you all a very Happy Raksha Bandhan!!
Celebrate it with loads of happiness and spread love within everyone’s heart.

-Megha Gupta

Edited by Mrinaal Datt

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