Little Things: Everything I have Learned from Season 2

little things learned season 2

Have you heard about Kavya and Dhruv? WHAT? Did you just say No? Like seriously, do you not know these two people? Have you not seen the Netflix ad featuring them? The ad about a show called Little Things? If you just said No again then my dear, you are missing out on life! Please go and watch it right away (BUT not before you finish reading this)!

Little Things in its second season lays out how the smaller moments are lived and savored. The series revolves around the life of a couple, Dhruv and Kavya who seem to pursue a live-in relationship and are focused on the joys and challenges the arrangement brings. The leads are played by Dhruv Sehgal and Mithila Palkar.

As the name suggests, Little Things focuses on the little things that pile up to be important in a relationship. The writer, Dhruv, plays with simple ideas like installing a bird-feeder with your partner, helping them untangle their life, making healthy compromises for your partner and more. The series conveys the message that we become so busy focusing on the huge things that we forget that little things matter too.

little things learned season 2

Momo and Kavu (the names they have kept for each other) play a perfectly imperfect couple making their way through life, fighting various obstacles. They are often seen fighting but maturely sorting out the scene later. There are a lot of key takeaways in the series not only about the relationship with a partner but also with one’s family.

Kavya and Dhruv are couple goals.

A couple which is both focused and chilled, sure of their bond and cool with the coolness of a live-in, taking each day as it comes. They have their fights and they have their ways of ironing out differences by speaking out and then by sitting down and listening.

This series has taught us many things:

  1. For two people to succeed in their relationship, it is important for them to be able to be friends with each other.
  2. It is essential to lead your individual lives
  3. To sit down and settle things instead of taking it for long way.
  4. Long Distance relationship survives.
  5. Supporting each other in all the decisions and to tell them when they are wrong.
  6. To practically talk about the situations, instead of running away from it.

As the show traverses its course, you realize there is no plot — much like life. You can watch the episodes in any order and yet you know what Little Things is about. Each episode has its own story that flows and nourishes the soul. The dialogue that is simple, but means a lot “Relationship is not your life, but it is a part of our life”.

little things learned season 2

In a world that’s constantly pulling us in different directions, and telling us about everything we don’t have, it’s the familiarity of the little things we share that truly makes for a great love story.

These two characters have taught us a lot that how to respect each other , sort out things keeping the ego aside, always motivating the other person to fulfil their dreams and how to carry forward with a relationship smoothly.
So, if you have not seen it yet you should definitely watch Little Things. And trust me, you WILL love it.


Because, in the end all the things that matters are the Little Things.

-Megha Gupta



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