Eka- Rendezvous with your life forces Author Arun Batish: INTERVIEW

eka rendezvous life forces author arun batish interview

There are a lot of things in our lives that we want to make sense of. And mostly, when something goes wrong, we end up blaming one thing or the other. But many experts say that we are the ultimate decision makers. Also, that we make our own destiny. Author Arun Batish recently released his book titled Eka- Rendezvous with your life forces. Here are some excerpts on this topic and his book:

Question: Where did the concept of Eka come from?

The concept of EKA came from my attitude of being a hardcore Monotheist & by having the same mindset. I also do not deny that others may have different beliefs with equal validity. The word EKA which means “Only One, Supreme Celestial Being, Solitary or Happening only once, Establishing consummate liberation from all differences, generic, extrinsic and intrinsic, To practice one principle” helps me understand that in life one needs to become a character of ” Yes & No ” and there is no room for “Maybe”.

This was the base idea that triggered me to write this book after my first one “HONIHA – ELIXIR OF HONEST EMOTIONS”. I am a strong believer that everything in life leads you to Eka.
Also, I believe that EKA sense resides in all of us and it leads to the path of righteousness, where-in it makes you smile gratefully every morning, makes you the first one to shine in darkness, makes you the first one to condemn when there is injustice. It also makes you do wonders when there is no hope, a fighter when life beats you down, helps you move forward when the world around is falling, makes you the toughest when going through tough phase, makes you heal faster when someone hurts you, makes you extend the first hand to a falling friend or family member and makes you feel that you’ve done the best when the day has ended.

Question: How long did you take to come up with the manuscript?

I think, it truly depends on an author and I can only share my personal experience here. It took me 2 months to come up with the manuscript.  I only write one copy of my book. I try and write a minimum of 500 words a day, and I start each day by reading the work I wrote the day before. I usually tweak it- add in a few bits I’d forgotten and things like that to make the writing clearer, and then I move onto the next chapter.
I send a copy of my story (when it’s finished) to my editor & publisher, add some grammatical changes, if required, into my original file. That’s it. I’ve written both of my books like that only. I just know that when I type “The End” that is the end of my book. I do what I need to do to get it ready for publication and am usually working on the next one by the time my finished work is live on Amazon & other global online platforms.

Question: What was the research for this book like? What other authors did you consult for this book?

Honestly, I did not do any research for this book and consulted no other authors for the same. Though reading non-fiction, Realism & True-life events excite my grey matter. I am always fascinated by the words and inspirational writings of Ashoka- The Great, Julius Caesar, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Junior, Nelson Mandela, William Shakespeare & Leo Tolstoy. Not sure if you would still want to term it as research. Though I prefer to stick to my words that I’ve not done any research for this book.

eka rendezvous life forces author arun batish interview

Question: A lot of people feel quite motivated after reading such books but eventually fall back into the same pattern. How do you suggest one break such patterns?

The reason why people fall back into the same pattern because they follow the classical pattern and are understanding the routine, the tradition, the shadow and missing understanding themselves. And to break such patterns one must schedule their habits into the respective lives, stick to their honest schedule (even in small ways ), have someone who expects something of them, focus on what they can work with, design their environment for success and use their current habits to restart the behavior towards positive living and thinking.

Question: Does the book also talk about a global consciousness?

Yes, please. My book ‘EKA- Rendezvous with your Life Forces,’ does talk about global consciousness, if you read all the chapters of the book, you’ll experience that all chapters have a base-line under the words where-in I have written that without a global revolution in the sphere of human consciousness. Nothing will change for the better in the sphere of our being as humans, and the catastrophe toward which this world is headed — be it ecological, social, demographic or a general breakdown of civilization — will be unavoidable. If we are no longer threatened by changing world scenarios this does not mean that we have won. We are still incapable of understanding that the only genuine backbone of all our actions if they are to be moral, is responsibility. I have written that “Life is an interdependent living organism that reflects the collective consciousness of humanity” & “Global transformation can occur only when each individual dares to awaken from this amnesia to our true self and then make conscious choices true to our spirit. The human race is the only species on earth evolved enough to be capable of this privilege “.

Question:  How does one practice mindfulness in daily life?

Mindfulness has a way of sounding complicated. It’s anything but. I think Mindfulness is paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, non- judgmental. I reckon the world is probably aware of the mantra of ‘living in the moment’. It’s almost the catch cry of the 21st century, at least among the wellness-minded humans. But do you know what it means to live in the present? For many of us, we only live in the present a fraction of the time, and instead, we dwell on the past, churning through thoughts about current problems, and worry about the future. We’re living in our minds, unconnected to the world around us or our own body or being. This means we’re missing out on most of our lives, leaving us feeling unsettled, hollow and bereft of meaning. The good news? We can learn to be more present and mindful. Hence the bottom-line as to how once practice mindfulness in daily lives is “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind”.

eka rendezvous life forces author arun batish interview

Question: What was the motivation behind this book?

I live and experience emotions like – Admiration, Adoration, Aesthetic Appreciation, Amusement, Anxiety, Awe, Awkwardness, Boredom, Calmness, Confusion, Craving, Disgust, Empathetic pain, Entrancement, Envy, Excitement, Fear, Horror, Interest, Joy, Nostalgia, Romance, Sadness, Satisfaction, Sympathy, Triumph every day and this is what prompted me to write this book EKA – Rendezvous With Your Life Forces.

Question: How do you think cultivating a supreme self affect the world?

Cultivating the supreme self is the essence of living in the world in present times. Cultivating the supreme self positively affects the world as people will imbibe righteous objectives in life and not let the world suffer socially and rest available parameters of living. By cultivating a supreme sense, any human in the world will do anything or against anything to the world; it will just help them follow the path of righteousness as the standard.

Question: Do you have any other projects coming up soon?

I am working on the next book already, it is non-fiction and will most likely hit online stores and rest around the world in April 2020.

Question: What advice would you like to give to aspiring writers?

Aspiring authors should stick to the basics of writing, and that is my advice to them. They should have a strong “Central Idea” as it forms the base of good writings. Staying focused on the central idea has to involve focusing on clear, manageable ideas & arguments. “Organization” is what they need to focus as the second element, for sure, as it involves keeping the readers oriented to the central idea. “Supporting material” is the third element they should stay focused on, in the form of explanations, examples, and statistics, etc. to make the ideas and information presented meaningful and memorable for the readers.

Also, all aspiring authors should have good “Word Choice & Point-of-View” as the fourth element. If the language is clear, specific, accurate, and appropriate to the audience, purpose, and material, it creates a greater emphasis on what the writer is trying to explain with his writing. And last but not the least, “Grammar & Punctuation”. Without this, your writing will look amateur. 

You can find Arun’s book Eka here.

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