A Letter that should be written to you

Dear you,

I write this to you with my whole heart. Not generally; but very personally- and only for you. I understand that life sometimes gets so fast that you skip a breath or two. Or so slow that you end up facing the reality of existence that sucks. And you know what? That is okay.

That is okay because you are so much more than temporary emotions and facial expressions. You are a vortex of energy swirling around with so much velocity. You are so much more than your appearances, your experiences, your heartbreaks, your smiles and your tears. You are here to turn the world around, believe me when I tell you that.

I heard that you made some wrong decisions. Trusted too much, too soon. You spent too much time over the wrong things and got so wasted. And you got hurt. But you need no healing; stop sympathising with yourself. Stop waiting for someone to heal you. To tell you that you deserve better. Or to shower you with love and care and attention. Watch a romantic movie by yourself tonight. Write down the most beautiful lyrics from your favourite song, and keep them close. Dress up for a solo date, and eat what you love. No one’s watching.


Read some fine poetry. By the fireplace. It is okay if you are by yourself tonight.

And I heard you keep telling yourself that you are not where you should be. But darling you have come so far. And you are so much ahead of where you were. Or where should not have been. Ever think about that?

You feel so lonely. But darling you are not alone. You are so cherished, so admired.

You are such an inspiration, and so easy to love. And the right person will see all of that and more when he comes by.

Till then, stand by yourself and that is all that matters. Remember that you matter. And that smile better stay. No matter what times throw at you. Smile, and watch life smile back at you.

So keep this letter close to you…for nights when you shiver. A letter for you at 3am when you feel all alone, that you read to yourself when things do not get straight. Sleep well each night.

With much love,



– Ananya Talwar

Edited by Mrinaal Datt

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