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Taco Bell, Sector-35, Chandigarh- REVIEW!


Taco Bell isn’t like any other fast food chains you might have been to. The graffiti-laden walls and seating are a refreshing change that other joints can learn from. Taco bell opened a week ago in City Beautiful and the place has been absolutely buzzing after a successful launch. Though it is yet to be seen if the momentum will continue in the upcoming months but as of now things are looking good for the eating joint.


It absolutely nails the ambience; it is a fast food joint but the service is not sacrificed as an excuse. The restaurant has a modern funky vibe, with walls filled with pop culture references and jokes. It is obviously aimed at the 15-30 year old crowd and depending on your age and tastes you may or may not appreciate how the place looks.


For me, however, it is much better than the plain old McD or KFC. There is free Wi-fi as well! What more do you need?


This is Tex-Mex flavor of food which is generally a hit with the crowd of Chandigarh. The Tacos and Quesadillas are delicious; they might not be as good as the ones at Chilis but they do come damn close at the fraction of the price.


Sadly the nachos and the dips left a lot to be desired and you will be better off at someplace else if you are in the mood for them. The menu is limited for now and they could use a little more variety. There is little of choice among drinks and the combos could use a little more flexibility. Anyone who likes or is curious about Mexican food should give it a try without a doubt.


Here’s where it gets complicated. It is a great place and the pricing is by no means over what they offer, but the place is made for college students and the pricing is just a little bit too high for an average college student.

For example, there are no meals below two hundred and fifty after adding taxes whereas you can easily get one for hundred at the other fast food places. Most of the times you’ll end up paying over three hundred for a decent meal. The experience however at Taco Bell makes it definitely worth it.


It may not be a place when you can regularly go to after your college (not that I would recommend fast food every day anyway) but once in a while when that Mexican craving kicks in your belly, you should definitely drop by!

Rating 4/5

-Himanshu Goel

Edited by Mrinaal Datt

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