Best Vegan Food in Melbourne CBD: Vegie Tribe on Little La Trobe Street

best vegan food in melbourne

Wondering where you can find the best vegan food in Melbourne CBD? Well, look no further. We bring to you a first hand review of Vegie Tribe- a vegan restaurant in Melbourne located on Little La Trobe Street.

“Living abroad it must be so difficult to find vegetarian food to eat.”

This perhaps is the biggest misconception when it comes to individuals living abroad, especially if you are someone from India. But what if I told you that simply is not true? Forget vegetarian food, it is extremely easy to find delicious vegan food as well! Don’t simply take my word for it. Take a look at a wonderful gastronomic experience I recently had at Vegie Tribe. A humble place located on Little La Trobe Street in Melbourne.

The Ambiance

First things first. The place has a very welcoming, casual vibe and you can see why almost all of the tables are full- a vegan, all you can eat spread with some of the most delicious dishes from across the globe. Who can say no, right? Not only that, Vegie Tribe has the choicest selections of drinks, including aerated beverages, in house mocktails and cocktails, and of course, vegan wines!

We are seated on a table which carries a personalised welcome greeting that makes the experience all the more special- even before it has begun! But that’s the best thing in life, right? The joy in the little details. The knowing that someone has carved out a moment to make yours more delicate, more personal. This care and attention immediately had my heart!

The evening began with a round of drinks- a refreshing rendition of the classic mojito garnished with fresh mint leaves and lime. We were definitely spoilt for choice when it came to choosing the entrees. Fresh fruit salads, veggies, spring rolls, onion bhajiyas/pakoras (fried fritters), lasagna, pizzas, pesto pasta and so much more. Grabbing myself a piece of everything (almost!) and I was already full.

The best part about this place, apart from the food of course, is the vibe. There is laughter in the air, individuals actively engaging in conversations being truly excited by the variety of dishes, their complex flavours and the amazing waitstaff who are constantly checking in to ensure you are having a good time. What more could one ask for?

The Best Vegan Food in Melbourne

Well, maybe a serving of their super hit Butter Chicken Masala- a vegan friendly version. This dish is so popular with their patrons that you will always find it on their rotating menu. If you want to revel in the flavors of a classic butter chicken masala while caring for the environment, this is your best bet! Enjoy it with a side of Palak Paneer, Chana Masala, Rajma, Thai Green Curry served with aromatic rice and soft naans. Mmm…I bet you are salivating already!

But that is not all. For they also have vegan ice cream in your favorite flavors that taste just like the real deal. From Biscoff to everyone’s favourite vanilla, you’ll be spoilt for choice. And if you don’t like ice cream (which would give me serious trust issues), you can also pick from different flavours of dry cakes, panna cottas and more.


Is it the best vegan restaurant in Melbourne? You decide!

Price Points: The place offers an All You Can Eat option judiciously priced at 19.90 AUD for Lunch (Monday to Friday) and 28 AUD for dinners (5-9 PM) and the weekend. The 28 AUD offering also comes with a free scoop of their vegan ice creams! And for those looking for a quick lunch during the weekdays, they can opt for a one time tray that they can fill as per their heart’s desire at a sweet price of 14.5 AUD.

BONUS: The place also offers a 20% discount to their patrons for a social media mention redeemable on the next visit.

Amazing, right?

Don’t forget to let me know your experience of the place!

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