Forget Dining Out! Romantic Dinners Come Home with SuChef


The way the Pandemic has hit the City Beautiful Chandigarh is that by way of less dining out. The glitzy city that runs on great dining options is not the same during the Coronavirus Lockdown. So if you were planning a romantic dinner in Chandigarh, chances are your plans got thwarted but all hope is not lost! People are getting increasingly creative during this time and one such venture is SuChef.

Introduced with the idea of providing restaurant type meals at home, SuChef is the brainchild of Sumehar Sandhu. Sandhu is a Management Studies candidate at the prestigious Les Roches, Switzerland. The idea behind SuChef is simple- you order a meal, but you don’t have to worry about it getting cold, or soggy. Why? Because they will send you all the ingredients prepared, and your job is simply to assemble them all into one final dish.

So if you really think about it, it’s quite akin to a DIY food kit. You have the ingredients, you need to heat them and give them finishing touches as mentioned in the instructions that come with and voila! Experience fine dining at your home.

I had the opportunity to try a couple of products from the place that I ended up turning into a date night (with myself!). Because everybody needs to relax and unwind with themselves once in a while.

SuChef is a one of its kind venture that brings fine dining to your home!

For the food, I tried Dahi ke Kebab and Paneer Do Piaza from Suchef that came in wonderful packaging. It reads #AatmaNirbhar which is honestly exactly what it is. If you want to try your hands at cooking, this is a great place to start. Or if you are a working professional who would rather eat in, this is the perfect choice. All I did was fire up the pan, heat up some oil and shallow fry the kebabs a little. For the paneer, the naan breads came with and I just had to put together the gravy and paneer per the instructions.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Because it is! And not to mention amazingly delicious. Their one package is enough to serve 2 people which is ideal.

As for me, I decided to treat myself with a candle lit dinner. Here I was joined by my all-weather friend: Netflix. Because #AatmaNirbhar!

You can watch my complete experience with SuChef here.

You can check out SuChef on Zomato here.

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