70 Years of Independence: All That Makes Us Proud


It’s been 70 years since the modern-day India took birth. 70 years since India broke from the era of oppression and rose to self rule. Yes, it’s been 70 years of independence.

However, these 70 years have not been easy. It’s been a remarkable journey of nation building, a journey marked by enumerable successes and a lot of failures. And it still goes on. But, today as we take one step forward into the 71st year and look back, we know we have done great.

Here are some striking features from the story called INDIA that are sure to make you proud, super proud!

The Democracy.

India’s Democracy has been the cornerstone of its progress since independence. It’s that supreme feature of our country that makes it the greatest in the world. Over the years, our belief in democracy has only strengthened. It’s only a matter of immense pride, that we, as a nation have not only managed to maintain our democratic spirit throughout these years, but also have deepened and enriched our democracy. We have managed to pass through various challenges and threats to our democracy. Today, we are the world’s largest democracy, and we should take pride in the very fact.

The Economic Prowess.

From being an ailing British colony with no brand of its own, to freedom and then going on to become the world’s fastest growing economy, India has certainly come a long long way. It’s not only we are growing fast, but we have also withstood several economic depressions and international threats, only to underline the strength and muscle of the economic power that we are. Today India shines as a bright economic spot in a world that’s looking at doom. Proud, shouldn’t we be?


Defence & International Relations.

A strong defence has been India’s need, but on relations front, we have earned our place. It’s true that several unsettled border disputes and not so friendly neighbours still haunt us, but we have been able to withstand the external forces and and maintain our sovereignty through all these years. What is remarkable is the friendly nature of relations that India enjoys with the whole world. In the past few decades, India has grown its stature at the international front tremendously. Now, it’s a brand to reckon with. They call us a peace-loving nature, but we know, we are ‘Peace with Power’.

Science & Technology.

In 70 years of freedom, India has done exceptionally well in the field of science and technology, particularly in space research. It’s no more a secret that India has achieved the status of a world leader in space research. Be it the success of the Mars Orbital Mission, popularly called Mangalyan, or the successful launch of hundreds of foreign and indigenous satellites all together, India has shown the world it’s expertise when it comes to the space. It gives us immense pride that countries like Germany, Japan & USA now look forward to our very own ISRO!


Success on Social Front.

We know that socially, we are not a very advanced country. But given the exceptionally diverse and divergent nature of the Indian society, we have been able to stay all together, and still make remarkable progress is nothing less than an achievement in itself. We have been able to completely eradicate social evils like Sati and Untouchability. We still face challenges posed by poverty, malnutrition, and social inequality in general. But what is good that there’s a general sense that we’ll eradicate all of them one day, and that’s what drives India!

These striking features of India’s journey of 70 years since independence would certainly make every Indian’s heart swell with pride. While we should take pride in our achievements, we must take responsibility for all that should have been done, but has not been done yet.

Nevertheless, let’s keep the day for celebrating independence. From tomorrow, get back to ‘Nation Building’, for India needs each one of us to become a world leader again, and one day, we’ll be there. Jai Hind!

-Vaibhav Jain

Edited by Mrinaal Datt

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