5 Young Climate Activists Apart from Greta Thungberg You Should Know About

young climate activists greta thunberg

Around the world, where climate change is affecting the nature and the survival of every being, we need activists who can mobilise minds to take actions against climate change. Why? Because it stands to be a threat to our very survival. 16 year old Greta Thunberg is one of the young activists that got recognition and got an opportunity to give a heartfelt speech at the U.N. Climate Acton Summit and to lead the Global Climate Strike.

However, she is not the only one who is demanding action on the climate crisis. Here are five other young climate activists you should know about and yes, the list includes Indians.

1. Alexandria Villasenor, 14 years old

young climate activists greta thunberg

Alexandria strikes outside the UN Headquarters in New York every Friday. She is the founder of Earth Uprising, a global climate change movement. Alexandria, who is also a Fridays For Future organiser, feels that when she strikes, she is taking back some agency in her future.

2. Aditya Mukarji, 15 years old

young climate activists greta thunberg

Aditya started campaigning to get people to stop using plastic straws at the beginning of 2018. He took upon himself to phase out plastic straws in various hotels and restaurants, and to switch them with eco-friendly alternatives. The 15 year old environmentalist was invited to be a part of U.N. Youth Climate Action Summit 2019.

3. Ridhima Pandey, 11 years old

young climate activists greta thunberg

Ridhima is one of the 16 young climate activists, including Greta Thunberg, who filed a complaint to protest the lack of government action on the climate crisis at the U.N. Climate Action Summit 2019. Haridwar native Ridhima blames the government for the current scenario. She says, “Our government is working on paper, less on the ground.”

4. Xiye Bastida, 17 years old

young climate activists greta thunberg

Xiye is one of the lead organisers of the Fridays For Future youth climate strike movement. She received the “Spirit of the UN” award in 2018. She is also the Youth Ambassador for Y On Earth, which provides
communities with information on sustainability. She helped organise the September 20 U.S. Global Climate Strike, where Greta Thunberg spoke.

5. Leah Namugerwa, 14 years old

young climate activists greta thunberg

Leah is a climate activist and student striker with Fridays For Future in Uganda. She has been striking since February 2019, for greater action on climate change and plastic pollution.

It is great to see such young individuals speaking for the planet. However, we need behavioral change from all humans on earth to make a meaningful impact and save the planet from a looming crisis.

-Ravneet Kaur Chawla
Intern at A Colorful Riot!

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