Down the Nostalgic Road with Beautiful Childhood Memories

childhood memories

Sitting ideally at my home in the balcony looking at the empty street and the empty road, I went back in time today. A flash back of memories to when I was a kid…Do you all as well have such flashbacks of nostalgic memories of summer vacation as well? The bittersweet childhood memories of an era that feels long gone by.

Well, let’s travel down the whirlpool of such memories.

Garmiyon Ki Chutiyan is what the chapter in our lives was called. And the most favourite one since childhood. Hold on to your screens as this is definitely going to bring a smile on your face and some nostalgia.


childhood memories ice candy
Doesn’t it look it a little familiar?

Rs. 2 had so much importance back in those days. This candy was an easy escape from the heat. Not to forget, the reason behind so many bright colored tongues! And let’s not forget the rumors surrounding it as well. Made from undrinkable water and so much more. Not that any of us ever cared!


“Kulfi lelo, Kulfi! Thandi thandi kulfi…” Is it just me or you, too, are singing it exactly the same way you heard it in childhood! Or maybe “Baraf vaala gola lelo, rang biranga”? We grew up with much simpler things around us. And these we honestly cherished a lot more than what we have today. Wouldn’t you agree?


Of course, how can we forget the favorite of all – playing cricket in the scorching heat and those kiddish arguments that followed. Whoever owned the bat will get the batting first and who throws the ball far will bring it back.

Either, the wicket used to be sticks or pile of stones. The first ball used to be a trial ball. If the ball hits a wall it is a 4 and if it goes beyond this boundary it is a 6. And yes, one tip, one hand! This cricket was just ours i.e. our own rules that could change whenever it suited us!


childhood memories
Dialing numbers used to be the favorite!

Tring! Tring!

Oh, how we just used to run when we heard this! And then with a loud voice, “Mummy phone aya hai!”. Doing prank calls on your classmates whenever free. Asking for have you done the holiday homework or not and narrating it over the phone.

And for those who were in relationships. Remember that? Fixing a certain time after school to call. Being nervously silent when a parent picked up! Good old days, right?


playing kanche childhood memories
Kanche are amongst my favorite childhood memories

Lakhoti or kanche is a popular game that we used to play with marbles around in a circle. This used to comprise of concentration and aim. How many kanchas did we lose in the process? Well, we’re still counting.

Vish-Amrit / Baraf-Paani:

childhood memories
There are many variations of this game!

We all hoped to not being the deener while trying to ‘Amrit’ your friend! It was such a fun-filled game. And the many variations of it. Lock and Key, Fire and Ice…which one did you play?


Aiming a stone in the right box and hopping on one leg, it was so much fun. Stepping on the line and being eliminated was the hardest part. Imagine wishing it were an Olympic Game? We’d win gold every time! It will be so much fun to watch kids these days to play it now!

Poshampa Bhai Poshampa

childhood memories games posham paa
You could see groups huddled during lunch breaks.

The Indianised version of ‘Simon Went Back’ and ‘London Bridge is falling down’. It was fun to be in jail and eat the food there!

‘Laal Quile Mein Kya Hua
Sau Rupaye Ki Ghadi Churayi
Ab Toh Jel Mein Jana Padega
Jail Ki Roti Khani Padegi
Jail Ka Pani Peena Padega
Ab Toh Jail Mein Jana Padega…’

Chain Chain

childhood memories of playing chain chain
Perhaps the most exciting game!

A game like ‘pakdam pakdai’, it was fun to get hold of your friend and the one who was the fastest in running when you were deener. 

This was just maybe half of our childhood memories. Were you are able to relate to it? Can you think of any other games? Let us know in the comments below!

And if you are feeling nostalgic and missing your gang, just send it to them and re-live your childhood once again!

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