Technology has disconnected you from yourself


‘Heads bowed down and tireless fingers frantically typing all the time’. This is the lame reality of today’s ‘smart’ world. We don’t have time to talk face to face with our acquaintances but have plenty of time to chat with strangers. We don’t have time to enjoy the natural beauty but we have ample time to click the pictures and exclaim fake ‘wow’s’ to the world. We keep telling everyone that we are enjoying way more than what pictures are able to capture. However, we stay busy uploading social media stories with rigorous attempts at looking better and trying to convince everyone about our photographs being our lives’ reality.

The irony of our times is that we have more “friends” and know more about their activities and interests than ever… but fail to know about them in person.

When we go out on walks, we no more feel at peace and the calmness of solitude is lost.  We come across a beautiful sunset scene and immediately wish to “possess” that moment for later. We pull out our phones to take a photo. We give up the chance of being entirely and absorbingly present in that moment, in exchange for the anxiety of admiring a photo of it in the future.


We have somewhere forgotten to live and enjoy in the present moment. Instead we are just busy capturing it. We forget that some things cannot be captured, they can just be enjoyed at that very moment of time. The more connected we are to gadgets with cords, the less harmonious our kin cords are rendered. The more we depend on technology and live our lives absorbed in its brightly alluring screens, the more fearful we become as well.

Think about family dinners, gatherings- they are not social gatherings anymore but social media gathering where we can click pictures with our cousins and then post those on the social media sites possibly with a tagline ‘Finally we met!'(Just to click pictures).


Look at modern day children, supposedly the most creative human lot. They rarely go on lavish imaginary adventures anymore, or sit down to make figurines out of Popsicle sticks, or make their own hand-drawn comic books. To them, as well as us, reality seems too silent, too frustratingly inert and non-interactive. The sense of wonder and mystery is being lost. They don’t know what it is to play outside, they are just glued to the smartphones

The more we connect through technology, the more our thoughts lean outwards.  What makes life meaningful is our inner feelings, our passions, our dreams and to cultivate those we require introspection, deep mental focus and self-discovery. And this is what we are missing in the walk of life which includes all the social media due to which we have forgotten ourselves. We have forgotten to admire things. We have forgotten to become strong and self containing

Each one of us should take a moment and give it a thought that life is more about ourselves rather than  those gadgets. I don’t wish to imply that they are not important but just that in the priority list, they should be placed on a lower rank than human beings.

-Megha Gupta

Edited by Priya Sharma

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