5 AI Trends Assumed To Be Taking Over Next Decade

AI trends

Artificial Intelligence (AI), known as the virtual human intelligence, has been a part of our lives for a few years now. The wonders it does excites humans every single time. This virtual mind created by humans keeps growing and many more revelations are still left to be made. It will take time. But it is justified. Humans took thousands of years to evolve too. So why won’t Artificial Intelligence? AI systems help the humans race benefit, with significant improvements and increased efficiency in every area of life. One can surely think of these 5 AI trends that are assumed to be taking over the next decade:-

1. Evolution of Robotization

AI trends
AI trends taking over the next decade include developments in robotics.

Remember the movie Robot? Yes that can happen outside the reel as well. A legion of programmed robots replacing workers at the assembly line has become the most recurring and powerful image when we think of AI. Robotization is already underway. A a lot of companies are trying their hands at robots for different purposes. What’s however new is that robots that were hitherto only employed for manual and tedious tasks would now begin to take on semi-skilled and skilled work as well. So filling forms, creating reports, making animations etc.

In short, from partial automation, we are looking at complete automation by training machines to do the requisite task. AI bots automate any type of routine or repetitive job. Just imagine having live machines saying hello to you every morning. (WOAH!)

2. AI Trends in Healthcare

The contributions that AI brings to the health care industry will change how the medical profession works, enabling people around the world to find safe and effective care and make it easier to prevent and cure diseases.
Another trend that has developed due to the availability of AI-powered healthcare tools is home-tested and personalized health care. Using the features on their smartphones, people can now perform some diagnostic tests from the comfort of their own homes, reduce health care costs and reduce the workload on doctors and medical staff. One example here could be taken is of all the ‘getfit’ apps available on Playstore, trying to make you fit sitting at home. (Yeah the sarcasm! :))

3. Enhanced Customization

For staying ahead of their competitors and preparing themselves for the hyper-transforming realm of business, AI does come in handy. Companies fall over themselves to gain insights in real-time, know about customer preferences and deliver services to them accordingly. With soaring customer expectations, companies need to provide more personalized and relevant services to retain customer base and remain relevant. This is where AI will come in the picture. The increasing use of AI-based applications in every field, coupled with advances in location intelligence, will augment the capacity for offering more refined personalized services.

4. Boosting Cybersecurity

AI trends
Various AI trends suggest cyber security will become more sophisticated in the future.

One of the many challenges the society faces today is how to protect information privacy. Mounting concerns about data privacy and security breach have also lead to questions being raised about the security preparedness in the age of AI and IoT. Increased Cloud capacity and Machine Learning trained algorithms would also mean that cyber attacks like hacking and phishing would be more high-tech and difficult to detect. Thus, we will need expert AI-bolstered cyber security mechanisms to safeguard ourselves from such malicious attacks. This turns out to be the most important requirement in this rapidly growing digital era.

5. AI Trends in Retail

Technology has played a key role in the retail business. E-commerce solutions have been developed and small, local stores that lack effective online strategies have been forced out of business. Amazon is a strong player in the online retail market, but it has begun to enter physical retail stores using new models that incorporate AI technologies. Along with automated payment systems and robots, bio-metrics is another way that AI can change the retail store management process. It includes technologies like bio metrics and facial recognition. ‘Cuz let’s be honest, who does not wanna shop sitting at home.’

All in all we can say that once everything gets in place and on feet, we are looking at a future where AI would walk in hand with the humans or even a few steps further. The machinery never stops and our ideas won’t ever end!

-Einstein Fernandez
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