Teaching Strategies and Resources for Online Teaching

teaching online

Teaching online is the new type of teaching that has set in, in the lives of the students. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, teaching online was the only solution for the education of the children to continue and with it came many problems but also many solutions.

Teaching online made it easy for students to just lay back at home and learn and on the other hand, working parents found the teaching online very convenient too. 

For the teachers who were teaching online, new methods came into usage and it was difficult to adapt at first but then, it became the most comfortable solution. 

Online teaching is now touching the marks that physical schools did. But to effectively teach the students, strategies are necessary. 

How might educators successfully connect with the focus and interest of the students? Fortunately, there are numerous valuable assets, which assist educators with taking care of the educators in savvy! While giving chances to associate their students in significant ways, this showing asset will interface you with them to offer help administrations and make their days more consistent. 

Thus, regardless of whether you are wrapping up report card remarks or preparing for the main day, the showing asset from one of the main showing asset sites like Extramarks is fundamental to get your objectives to execute. 

Showing videos to encourage visual learning and many more such strategies for online teaching work and we have got a few for you right below!

  1. Know the technology first

If you don’t know the platform that you’ll be teaching on to the students, it will be very very difficult. Hence, first things first, understand what interface you’re using to communicate with the children. Check its features, experiment with them, get guidance from someone who knows and learn well in order to teach well. Also, your best help can be the students themselves as they’re more tech savvy than us.

  1. Make sure your Online presence is always there

Teaching online can be a task as we can’t really see students at times and hence can’t really figure out whether they’ve understood the topic or not. So, in order to get that assurance, make sure you continuously keep asking them their doubts and be patient in solving them too. 

  1. Keep the time boundary clear

Internet learning is new to the Children too. Make it clear to children that their grade in the course will be resolved at this point. Set assumptions for reaction time. For instance, clarify that you will answer messages inside one work day, any other way students might anticipate that you should answer an email inside a couple of hours, and withdraw in the event that you don’t.


  1. Be emotionally connected

Children are shifting focus over to you to establish the vibe. Exhibit energy and fervor about training the course to reduce dread, nervousness, and seclusion.

Refine yourself by posting a welcome video, a memoir, photographs that recount how you are keeping occupied during social disconnection, connections to news stories or video cuts.

Strategies are not always about teaching online, they’re also about being present online in the same way you’d be in the offline mode. Make sure to connect well and understand the circumstances well so that both you and your students are benefited by the online teaching and learning process.

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