5 Things to Keep in Mind While Preparing for Your Class 12 Exams

ICSE class 12

As former students, we understand that as the icse class 12 exam dates come closer, the stress starts to rise to sky high levels as well. Minds get cluttered with all the studied information and, majorly, truckloads of panic and pressure can make it difficult for your brain to retain information in the months before the exams.

There is no denying that the ICSE class 12 syllabus is vast, somewhat difficult and can be tricky to cover in one go. But, that is not to say it cannot be done with proper planning, determination and the right preparation tricks. Keep scrolling for 5 of the best tips that have worked for countless students and have helped them achieve high scores:

  • Revise what you know

A very common mistake that you might make while preparing for the ICSE class 12 exam is forgetting to revise topics that you thought you were done and dusted with months ago. This can happen when you are stressing and fixating on all the topics that are yet to read and understand.

So when you start your study session for the day, the first thing you should do is redo at least 2 older topics,  and then move on to the newer ones. 

  • Find a time that works for you

It has been scientifically proven that the environment and mental state you study in makes a big impact on memory retention. Do not go with the traditional early morning studying schedule if you are not a morning person.

Trying to study while your mind is half asleep will not benefit you and will only result in wastage of precious time. Figure out the time of the day when your brain works at its highest capacity and plan your day’s topics accordingly. 

  • Sample question papers are your best friends

We know that this has been said a million times before but it is a tip worth reiterating. Solving papers will not only make you use all the information that you did not know if you remembered but also show you how many topics you are not thorough with.

For ICSE class 12 subjects, you will be able to find a lot of model question papers from plenty of sources like Extramarks. You can also match your answers with the solutions and find out common mistakes that you are making. 

  • Track your preparation 

When the syllabus is as vast as that of icse class 12 subjects, not tracking your preparation will only add to the uncertainty and nervousness. Make a list of all the topics on the first page of the book and keep striking them through as you go. 

  • Sleep well

Science suggests, sleeping is the best way to concrete information, that you picked up or learnt during the day, in your brain. Make sure you are not missing out on rest and sleep, especially in the weeks before the exams. This will improve your attention span and strengthen the memorized topics. 

Follow these methods, and breeze through the ICSE class 12 exams without any difficulties. Good luck!

– Mrinaal Datt
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