4 Tips to Choose the Perfect Pair of Shoes with Your Outfit!


Shoes have the power to make or break your outfit, which is why investing in the right pair is the quickest way to upgrade your style. Imagine yourself in a beautiful outfit, all set to make a good impression when you step out but your contrasting pair of footwear ruins your entire look.

If you want to save yourself from such a fashion disaster, you need a good pair of shoes

You obviously can’t wear your sneakers or slippers with every outfit. Following a fashion protocol is a sure-shot way to earn brownie points.

Whether you’re going to the office, a meeting, a date, or a traditional event, having the right pair of footwear for each occasion is a must. Choosing the right footwear can elevate your look while the wrong pair can bring down your overall style quotient. 

Did you know that your shoes are the first thing that a person subconsciously notices when you meet them? If you want to create a good first impression, you should stock your closet with the finest pairs, one for every occasion.

With these tips, you can ensure you choose the best pair of shoes for your different needs. 

  1. Choose according to your outfit: The first step in choosing the right pair of footwear is identifying what outfit you will wear. Identifying the theme of the occasion, be it formal, traditional or semi-formal, you can choose your footwear. 
  1. Don’t compromise on your personal style: The best way to pull any look is owning the style and being comfortable in it. If you choose trend over comfort, you will surely not be able to pull off your look with class. Confidence is the key to owning your look, which is why a comfortable pair of footwear should be your priority over trend. Instead of moving around in discomfort, choose a style that suits your look as well as the occasion. 
  1. Choose the right color and size: Now that you’ve settled on your style, you need to fixate on the color and the size. Sticking to neutral colors such as black, brown, and white is a wise option, you can experiment with other shades if they match your outfit. Make sure the color of your shoes matches your skirt, shirt, or your pants. However, if you’re unsure about experimenting with different hues, stick to neutral tones. Getting the right size is crucial because you don’t want to walk with blisters on your feet all day long. 
  1. Consider the activity you’re doing: If you’re buying shoes for a particular occasion, also consider the activity you will be doing. If you will be spending a huge amount of time standing, walking, running, or dancing, your footwear should be comfortable enough so you don’t get blisters. High heels should be reserved for occasions when you will be seated for the most of the time.

If you buy shoes online, make sure you check out the size guide before finalizing your purchase. Measure your feet in real-time to avoid buying a size bigger or smaller.

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