Scrap it! – A new spin to RECYCLING

I know the word “recycling” is not very catchy. Reprocessing or recycling can be very plain sailing and effortless. Don’t you think creating something innovative using your time-worn things is so cool?

The best part is, it is economical and eco-friendly. Whether it’s for someone else or yourself ,handmade recycled things are very functional and are easy-peezy to make.

Recycling is not a modern application, it has been into practice since 400 BC, isn’t it fascinating?

Even during the World War II, recycling was at its peak.


Only a few know about Mr. Vijay Pal Goel (Age 50 years) who hails from Chandigarh. His eccentric piece of art is Kala Sagar in Sector 35, Chandigarh. Mr. Goel was a blue-collar worker till the year 1994. After he observed the non-biodegradable waste around him, he got inspired to recycle all the sanitary waste into visual art. His work is exceptional and inventive. He now teaches children and conducts programs on recycling.


Mr.Vijay Pal Goel with his wife, who has been very supportive of his passion for recycling.

He uses materials like taps, pipes, shower panels, etc. All these materials are either useless or discarded. The most surprising thing about his art work is he makes them without melting, molding, cementing, and carving techniques. It’s a not-to-miss place.

Some very cool ideas are below with their YouTube links.

You can make a cushion out of your old T-shirts with quotes or cool designs. You can check out the links and make a cool cushion for yourself

Here is the link if you want to learn how to make a beautiful storage box from your shoe box or any other waste useless box. You can customize as per your choice.

You know what inspired me to write on recycling? There are hardly any blogs and articles about here are some more creative and cheap ideas to fill your creativity starvation!

Check out how to make a chocolate power bank

I may sound a bit weird here but I have this habit of collecting feathers and everybody thinks I’m crazy, but do you know what I created from those feathers? A fancy key ring!

You would require:




Liquid glue


So the next time you find a fallen feather don’t forget to collect it for your key chains.

This is a reference video and it will be easier for you to make key rings.

you would not want to miss this one if you want an interesting pretty closet.

I know you are totally convinced with how cool recycling can be! And I still want to share more with you.

Here are some easy and creative recycled craft ideas.


Beer bottle converted into glitter show piece

Coca cola bottle made into a piggy bank. Saving for my next trip. Cute, isn’t it?

piggy bank.png

If you have useless tyres don’t let it lie there dirty in a corner. You can use it productively and turn it into something like, tyre pots!

This is how I used a tyre to make children’s swing. I painted it keeping their persona in mind and children loved all that flowery and cartoon-ish feel. You can make it for your children or younger siblings too. It can be a great gift. You can customize it as per their choice. It’s easy ,cheap and so cute!

So don’t throw that waste away and transform it into something cool and useful. Don’t forget to share these ideas with your friends and family.

Pragya Nautiyal

Edited by Mrinaal Datt

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