Dharamkot, Himachal Pradesh- the place to be at!

Dharamkot is the village to be at, just above the small city of MLeodganj (yes, got a great affinity for that place) in the state of Himachal Pradesh. There is only one road which leads to the village which is from McLeodganj and which further divides into the trek for Triund (link for Triund trek here) and the road ends at the starting of the village near a very famous cafe named Trek and Dine (try its chicken barbecue pizza). After that, the road converts into a small path which leads through the village to various cafes and guest houses, one should go for a walk here and enjoy various tourist points famous for their views and sceneries through the village. There is also a path to Bhagsunag through the village which will further take you through various village huts and farms and is a trail that you should definitely take.

A lot of foreigners have come and settled in the village so you will find a lot (a LOT!) of them there, but more than that you will find chilled out people, the good vibes kind of people which makes you feel that there is something special about the place. You can just sit anywhere, enjoy the beautiful view of the mountains, have a drink and just have a good time (really good time) with your friends.


You need to be there for at least a span of 3-4 days so as to soak in everything the place has to offer- at the cafes you will find various cuisines such as Israeli, Spanish, English, American etc at reasonable prices plus the interior of every cafe is made in a way that you feel like spending hours just listening to music, talking to your friends, enjoying delicious food and still won’t be satiated. And there is FREE WIFI! In every cafe if you feel like using but I can guarantee it that you won’t even look at your cell phones for a moment.

But what I really strongly recommend to you is that travel to this place solo and if you do that, then I can guarantee that you will remember that trip for your entire lifetime and you will remember this article and thank me (not exaggerating) because if you go there alone, you will meet some really awesome people there, you will hear stories from people around the world that will give you life goals, and most importantly, you will learn a lot about yourself.

You will meet all kinds of new people, and I am not just talking about foreigners. I am talking about  Indians as well, and you will have conversations with them that will cherish forever, learn about their culture, learn a word or two of Hebrew (because you will find a lot of Israelis there). I also met people from the United Kingdom , the U.S.A, Australia , Sri Lanka, who had dropped everything which was going on in their lives and came to India to get away from all the stress and take some time off.  I even met a couple in which the guy was from the United Kingdom and the girl was from Nagpur and they had met while traveling and got married to each other. The best part is not that but this- the girl hadn’t even told her family about it yet! (#beingindian).

You will meet full time travelers who travel all the time as they earn on the road, you will get to know a lot of things on what you have been missing on and it may make you rethink your life choices but it will surely send a chill of excitement down your spine and that feeling right there is what we travel for, isn’t it?

Karanveer Monga

Edited by Mrinaal Datt

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