Breakfast date? How about trying Social, Sector-7!


For some odd reason, breakfast dates are highly underrated. What could be better than gorging down your favorite food in your PJs. There is no pressure to dress up, wear your makeup and so on.

Social in Sector-7, Chandigarh with its Infinite Egg Offer aims to do just that. (And if you are a vegetarian, don’t stop reading just yet. I have something amazing for you too.) So what is this offer? Well, it basically allows you to devour your favorite eggs- boiled, scrambled, poached, sunny side up or an omelette with your coffee/chai and hashbrowns.

The best part? You can eat them to your heart’s content all at the price of 199 INR! Here’s what the menu looks like-


What I really liked is that the eggs are made to order and you get your choice of bread- white or brown. The omelette and the scrambled eggs were my personal favorite but all the dishes were quite good. The hashbrowns seem like your regular defrosted and fried items but they are anyway a nice touch to the meal.

How about a Sunny-side-up to brighten your morning?
The boiled eggs are a good option for health freaks.
The poached eggs at Social, Sector-7.

The coffee on the other hand, had my heart. It is served separately with milk (as mentioned in the menu) and you can customise it per your taste. In my opinion, this offer is definitely a must try if you love eggs or if you are on Keto (or so I’ve heard!).

Can you smell the coffee beans?

If the weather makes you crave for cold coffee instead, you are in good hands. Served with cute wafers, the cold coffee at Social is an absolute delight and will make you come back over and over for it.

If you love cold coffees, the one at Social is a must try.

Noowwww, for the vegetarians- there are loads of all day breakfast menu options available at Social. But the one that is a MUST TRY are the Blueberry Pancakes served with maple syrup, butter and a dollop of whipped cream. I never, I repeat, I never have had such soft pancakes before. They are little pillows of goodness that you simply cannot refuse. Needless to say, the dish was wiped clean in minutes and the unanimous verdict- more please!

These Blueberry pancakes served with Maple syrup were an absolute revelation!

On the other hand, if you are looking for a desi breakfast, my recommendation would be the aloo puri plate. It comes complete with a bowl of halwa and would surely satiate the foodie in you. The dish is perfect if you want to eat and take a fulfilling nap later. If you live away from home, this will remind you of your childhood Sunday breakfast scenes. And that is remarkable.

This is aloo puri breakfast is perfect for all desi food lovers.

So what are you waiting for? Examination season is over, get your friends together and plan a breakfast date!

-Mrinaal Datt
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