Best Biryani in Chandigarh: Noorani by Nihari, Sector-7

Did someone say biryani? Bringing to you one of the best Mughlai cuisine places in the tricity: Noorani by Nihari!


Are you looking for the best biryani in Chandigarh? If biryani is your answer to no matter what the question is, then I have just the perfect place for you. Located in the inner market of Sector-7, Chandigarh is Noorani by Nihari, and it may look like just another Mughlai food joint but once you go in, you’ll know!

I wandered in with three of my friends on a Friday night to check out the place. And the first thing that caught my attention, rather all of ours, was the incredible aroma of Biryani. The restaurant was filling up quickly since it was almost 7:00 pm. However, we managed to snag a table.

Warm soothing interiors with arches and jaali features signifying the mughal architecture.
‘Soothing to the eye’ interiors you can find the best biryani in Chandigarh at Noorani by Nihari.


The vibe of the place is warm and nice with tones of brown and yellow mostly. Some light instrumental music in the background to set the mood for what’s yet to come. The interior is not too bold, yet has striking features to symbolize the Mughal style of architecture. Moreover to my surprise, the menu is quite compact. It’s not too vast, which I personally like, since it lets you absorb the best taste of the place. This place offers six different types of biryanis and is a paradise for non-vegetarian lovers.


So to start with, we ordered Murg toofani tikka, Murg Makhmali tikka and Paneer Lasooni. The beverage section has limited options. Therefore, we collectively ordered Fresh lime soda. Well, the murg toofani tikka literally melts on your tongue like butter, and in addition to that, the meat being so chewy mixes well with the flavour of tandoor. Murg Makhmali tikka is one of the most wanted dishes on my to-eat list. With five juicy pieces of chicken drenched in the malai mix and topped with kalaunji, this didn’t disappoint either. For vegetarians, Paneer Lasooni is a great choice with paneer packed with the perfect garlic flavour.

The infamous Murg Makhmali tikka, a must have, cooked in malai mix and topped with chopped coriander and kalaunji for the perfect flavor.
The infamous Murg Makhmali tikka, a must have!
Murg toofani tikka, tastes even betterb than it looks, served with raw onion rings.
Murg toofani tikka

Main course (biryani time!)

For the main course, we immediately ordered the chef’s signature dishes (as marked on the menu itself):

  • Butter chicken (1 portion)
  • Nalli Nihari (1 portion)
  • Murg Hyderabadi Biryani (1 portion)
  • Subz Biryani (1 portion)
  • Garlic naan (2 portions) and Lachcha Parantha (1 portion)
best biryani in chandigarh noorani by nihari
Murg Hyderabadi Biryani, (1 portion consisting of 2 succulent pieces of chicken cooked in rice)
best biryani in chandigarh noorani by nihari
Subz Biryani, for the veggie lovers.

Analysis- does Noorani by Nihari serve the best biryani in Chandigarh?

My top choice would be the Murg Hyderabadi Biryani, which has been perfectly tweaked to suit the North-Indian palate. It is cooked in authentic dum style in a handi sealed with atta, accompanied by raita and onions dipped in vinegar. Butter chicken (boneless) has the perfect consistency in its curry. Nalli Nihari is a delicacy of nawabs, slow cooked in a copper vessel with lamb shanks. The breads are soft and go well with the dishes. In other words, it is a fulfilling meal. The dessert section could have a little more options. We decided to skip it.

best biryani in chandigarh noorani by nihari
Nalli Nihari ,consisting of lamb shanks cooked slow in an authentic mutton curry.
Butter chicken (boneless), one of the most popular dishes on the menu, has a sweet aroma to it, and if you're a punjabi you're going to love it. best biryani in chandigarh noorani by nihari
Butter chicken (boneless)

Don’t let appearances fool you—the decor may be light on the eye, but there is no escaping the bounds of these dishes. In conclusion, this place is perfect for groups or a casual date night or even a family gathering/dinner. One of the best, if not the best biryani in Chandigarh is at Noorani by Nihari.

Important Notes

  • Location: Shop 187, Inner Market, Sector 7 C, Near Sector 7, Chandigarh.
  • Opens at 12 noon.
  • Popular on the menu: Butter chicken, Nalli Nihari, Murg Hyderabadi Biryani, Mutton Galouti kebab, Murgh Makhmali Tikka
  • Average Cost: 800 INR for two people (approx.)
  • Open to delivery in the tricity.

-Vibhuti Verma
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