Love is in the Air Only to Fall Here- Valentine Poetry


Valentine’s Day is just round the corner but its warmth is already in the air. Well, it would be since it is the most loved month after all. The shortest one but whose memories tend to spill over the rest of the year. Here is a piece of poetry that is sure to make your heart flutter. Share it with your loved ones and don’t forget to let us know what you think about it-

Love, does it flow or fly?

Love like water, always finds a way through, so it flows

Well, how to fly too water knows


Even if it can fly, vaporize

Wouldn’t the downpour of the flying love reach more people than its flow?

Love is beautiful when shared to more, such paradise

If we are likening love and water

Why give it a limiting Blotter

You decide where to shower where droughter


So the clouds clear on some, on some the Sun blazes

Love dries up, there come those phases

But there always will be this someone

Who will fit the ideal love that in your mind run

Upon whom the clouds wouldn’t part, and rains wouldn’t shun

There will be mist, if not shower

Light rain if not heavy downpour

Who will be yours without war


There will be times when clouds will part a bit,

To let some of the Sunlight in

Not to dry up what you made,

But lighten its shade, a brightening raid

Making this feeling more beautiful a little

By adding seven colours of the rainbow, as vittle


The land of this someone will always stay nourished

With the love you shower that never ceases to flourish

And the Rainbow that Sunlight gave you

Will make a bridge between you two

And the Someone will shower their love too

Reciprocating what you do, making your idea of love come true


Amongst this conversation of lands and clouds

I often forget what I find among the blistering crowds

The Someone who would take my rain and shower theirs

And finish the puzzles that lays incomplete here

Because they are the piece that fits the void

And I might have found the piece just forthwith







While I think of finishing the puzzle, a few uncertainties hit me

If the piece really wants to fit me?

Or do I know how to finish the puzzle just yet

I might not be having the skill to finish it I fret


Also the piece, after all this time

Has deformed trying to fit in with different lies

Even it needs some carving to subtly settle

I found my piece in them, but in me did they find theirs?


-Tanmay Dhiman

Read more about him here.


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