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Poetry for the soul to welcome Fall


As we enter the month of October, we welcome Fall and share with you some poetry for the soul. These two poems will surely string up some emotions in your heart. So without any further ado, let’s dive into them.

WARS GO ON by Tanmay Dhiman

Right from the times when men were bare,
Hunt for food and always yare
When fire first turned things to ashes,
There still were wars, there still were clashes
Triumphant stood Rome, as earlier did Mesopotamia,
The Indus Valley and its mystery’s mania
Rome fell, so did Babylon,

The enigma behind the falling walls of Indus still unknown
But there were wars, and they were all torn
Soon came the times when men again were savage,
When Vlad would kill and bodies, lavage
And he would plate them to their kin, gavage
There were wars, there was ravage

White man fought the Black man, Red scalped the fair man,
Saving their lives they have all ran
Civilisation was started uncivilly,
Adoption of “mainstream”, killing the nature’s plangency
There were wars, perhaps meant to be

Back to the times when men were bare,
They still had honour and dare, that now is very rare
Today we fight for articles and foolish causes, that need no care,
Today the lives are lost because we ware
There are wars, there will be, let us fare

Soon will come the times when we will be extinct,
Not because of nature’s wrath but loss of humanity, our instinct
There still will be wars, and they will be inked,
By a race very much distinct
Which would have risen out of wars, hoodwink.


And for the second and final poetry piece, we have a reader submitted work.


With the eyes that knew no tears and a heart that knew no fears, I was all set to go. A journey I had been advancing slow. 
A journey which I was ready for, a chance I was not ready to throw.
All set to ride on this rollercoaster ride, I parted from the one whose hand I hand been holding tight. 
It felt alright. It wasn’t difficult or was it, even now I can’t tell it right.
Halfway through the ride, with a midst of happiness in my eyes, I thought I had almost completed it right. But it was just a deceit in my sight. 
It was the time to decide, the road I chose had to be right. But is the right always right? 
Left was what came to my mind upright. But was it right, because that left never left but it left me with a pain, unfelt. 
A pain of some unknown chains trying to pull me closer to the shackles. A pain of someone catching my flight, a pain I was not ready to fight. 
A pain which someone held me in very tight, it never felt right. A pain which though my scream was heard loud and bright. 
They heard it loud and clear but they wouldn’t let me fight because I was wrong because I never did right. 
On that moonless night,  they tied me in ropes tight because it was okay to live with fright than to fight for what felt right. 
It been years and I still live with that fright. The pain which was once left unfelt has still been holding me tight.
The pain which not knows that it has always been a fight and I am not ready to give up so light.
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