How Thinking is Thinking Us? Into the metaphysical world

Thinking is something metaphysical; beyond human ability and control.  So why have humans fallen for this false idea of “illusive” control? It is because this species has been blessed with the ability to be enlightened- to consume, contain and communicate knowledge. This insatiable desire of human mind for control did not even spare the fact that how enormous the Universe is for humans to control.

The ability of the human mind to institute exoteric psychomotor is the cause of arrogance; which makes it surpass a supernatural factual entity- Thinking. The idea behind me personifying thinking is two- fold:

First, after all these years spent at researching the difference between brain and mind, even scientists have failed to establish a unanimous similarity. What makes us think, who controls what we think, where do our imaginative skills come from; all these questions remain unanswered.


If we are the masters of Thinking then why can’t we stop it when we want to, or think beyond something we already know, why is it limited?

These questions give rise to the second reason behind the purpose of personifying Thinking, that is- possibility of an existential entity in the future.

It’s very well established that time is relative, but we do not know if it can be manipulated. However, it may be possible to do so in future. This entity might be controlling what the present beings will be making for themselves; creating an atmosphere in its own, to make us understand ours.

Thinking might be thinking what we will be in ten years from now, and how will we be what it has thought of us to be.


Considering all that is stated above, the control over thinking stands challenged. How can we possibly control Thinking when we can’t even control ourselves.

The idea of chasing thinking is as naïve as the idea of controlling it. We are incapacitated by the inability to control time, hence we can never chase Thinking. Because it is always going to be ahead of us considering the time factor, that makes it impossible for us to take control of the events forthcoming, hence the possibility of encountering Thinking still remains rare.


Concluding, I must say that this topic is open for general discussion. Maybe the idea of chasing It is what Thinking is driving us all up to- the next phase of human evolution.

-Tanmay Dhiman   


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