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The Tree With A Thousand Apples
Book: The Tree With A Thousand Apples
Author: Sanchit Gupta
Publication: Niyogi Books India
Sypnosis: The lives of three innocent children are shattered during an insurgent night in war torn Kashmir. Twenty years later, when their paths cross again, an innocent civilian is fighting for justice, an exiled Pandit longs for belonging, while a ruthless rebel aches for redemption.
Review: Kashmir- the mention of the place invokes different feelings and emotions amongst different people. For some it is God’s Paradise on Earth. For some it is a place they’d like to visit once before they die. Then there’s some for whom it is a battlefield. And for some, just a place they read about in the news.
But what is Kashmir to those who actually stay in the disturbed area? The one’s who are not militants, neither belong to the army, nor do they owe allegiance to Pakistan but are caught in the crossfire?
The Tree With A Thousand Apples is a poignant account of such families. It touches upon various issues including the question of ‘Azadi’ and what is Kashmiriyat?
The Tree With A Thousand Apples
Written by Sanchit Gupta, the book discusses the lives of three individuals- a Kashmiri Pandit, a Kashmiri Muslim female and a Kashmiri Muslim male turned militant- who are all friends.
The story begins from the very beginning- the Kashmir that once was and traces its journey to what it now is, marred by militant attacks, the introduction of AFSPA and how it has destroyed the lives of innocent civilians.
The book at times feels slow but you don’t really feel like putting it down because it portrays the reality just the way it is- there are no villains and no heroes. You don’t hate the militants and neither do you love the Indian army throughout this book because the writing is that honest. No rosy pictures are painted, what is held up is a mirror. A mirror that shows our ignorant attitude, the skewed beliefs that we have been brought up with and our messed up perspective on Kashmir. All this in the background of friendship, love, sacrifice and tragedy.
After putting this book down you’re probably gonna need a minute to yourself because it is that impactful. The writing is amazing and the way the Kashmiri culture has been described, you can actually feel yourself there.
The Tree With A Thousand Apples
No wonder it is so well received everywhere because The Tree With A Thousand Apples is a must read.
You can find the book online here.
Rating: 4.5/5
Price: 350 INR
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