Best movies of 2019- an audience curated list!

best movies of 2019

With July already here, 2019 seems to be flying away! So much has happened this year that none us can wrap our heads around it. Among many things that have us excited are the movies. From Avengers to Uri, there are so many movies of 2019 that have set new benchamarks. On those lines, a couple of days ago, I asked my followers on Instagram to list the best movies of 2019 as per them.

So without any further ado, in no particular order is the curated list. Presenting before you, the best movies of 2019-

1. Avengers: End Game

best movies of 2019

Of course, this HAD to make the list. Perhaps the highest responses I received was for this movie. Why? Plenty of reasons ranging from Marvel to everyone’s favorite Rober Downey Jr. According to Sparsh, a Marvel fan, the movie introduced him to Phase 4 and he was able to connect it with the complete timeline of the Marvel universe. And as per Ruhela, this was a nice reprieve for fans since GoT had certainly disappointed them! So no wonder, Avengers: End Game tops the list of the best movies of 2019.

2. Gully Boy

best movies of 2019

One of the biggest hits of Bollywood of 2019, Gully Boy is the next favorite of the audience. Some like Garima Sharma found the storyline very motivating. Others thought it is a good reminder to follow their passions. And of course, there is a third category who loved it for Ranveer Singh, duh! According to Shaiza, the movie’s art direction is great and it touches upon a lot of things- real flaws of Dharavi, exploitative media and privilege. She also loves the fact that there are toxic characters, not they are not glorified. (here’s looking at you Kabir Singh)

3. Uri

best movies of 2019

Perhaps the most unexpected hit of this year, Uri is a favorite with everyone. From Navneet Chauhan to author Devika Das, the movie has filled everyone with pride. Also, the fact that a real incident has been depicted has made almost all Indians swell with pride! I’m sure, the presence of Vicky Kaushal also had a lot of women (and men) swooning.

4. Kesari

best movies of 2019

Talking about patriotic movies, how could Akshay Kumar be left behind? Gouri loved this movie for two reasons. One, because it is real. And two, it is the story of true grit, determination, survival and pride of the nation.

5. De De Pyaar De

best movies of 2019

Despite not getting a huge commercial success, this movie certainly seems to have appealed to the audience. Tabu’s acting skills have been much appreciated in this movie. According to Shruti Gupta, “I have learned some facts about life” from this movie. Entertainment and philosophy? Yes, please!

Apart from all this, women-centric movies have also ruled 2019. Manikarnika starring Kangna Ranaut and Game Over and Badla starring Tapsee Pannu are also ranked highly amongst the best films of 2019.

What about you? Did your favorite movie of this year make it to the list? Also, what other movies do you think should be here?

-Mrinaal Datt
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