The Children of Destruction by Kuber Kaushik – BOOK REVIEW

Children of Destruction

Title: The Children of Destruction
Author: Kuber Kaushik
Publisher: Penguin Books

Blurb: Magic has been hiding at the edges of reality all along. For Alice, life as a teenager was hard enough without turning into a supernatural herald of destruction. And you would think that after causing mini hurricanes with a mere sneeze, being visited by talking foxes and ending up on a journey with death around every corner (sometimes literally), things couldn’t get much worse. Wrong. They can. Between a blind and telekinetic mass murderer, a girl bound to a shadowy demon and a genetically engineered pseudo messiah, a whole generation of weird is ready to come of age. And when they do, the world will change. If it survives that long.

Review: The Children of Destruction starts of as a la-Percy Jackson. It is gripping and exciting at the beginning. And I think to myself, maybe all hope is not lost for the young Indian fantasy genre. But soon there are gaping holes in the storyline.

Children of Destruction

The premise of the novel revolves around the Greek Gods, Elementals, alternate realities and so on. But the writer fails to build on such strong concepts. However, not all is wrong with this book. I really liked Kuber Kaushik’s writing and the way he incorporates sarcasm in it. But of course, we didn’t need too much of it, if you know what I am saying.

So, The Children of Destruction promises to be an amazing read but towards the end, it becomes a bit underwhelming. And maybe this is why I am unable to give it 4 stars for now.

Rating: 3/5

Price: 262 INR for a paperback and 220 INR for a Kindle edition.

You can buy it from Amazon here.

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