Beliefs- the easiest way to manipulation


It is said that the company we keep shapes up our character and our lives in untold ways. We stay with people, interact with them and we get influenced by them. This is how we form new beliefs about things. And sometimes, it happens with us without thinking or dwelling upon it. In other words, without using our brains we decide to form certain beliefs about right and wrong.

Not to offend anyone but it is the hard reality of today. Say, when we start following a leader or any guru we start believing that whatever they say is correct and everything else is, well, incorrect. Above all, we even start blindly believing them and nothing they do is questionable. And if someone says they have done something wrong then, Oh my God!

It is a big reason for that person to be infuriated because one cannot accept that our leader has done something wrong. Why? Because our belief system does not even allow us to think that. And why would we? According to our belief system, that one person is God (even if he uses the word ‘insaan’ in his name). Alas, how can God ever be wrong.


And if you dare say he is wrong, we will burn everything. Even if the judiciary says he is guilty, we will revolt against you but never even consider a possibility to the contrary?

All this was witnessed yesterday, fire arouse all around, destruction of public properties, throwing stones etc. Just because a few people believed that their Guru can never be wrong. They had a belief that he can never be wrong and they were not able to think beyond this. They were blind followers who could not see the wrongs done by him. What do you say to such people? Who are ready to kill or get killed in the name of others? Worse, in the name of devotion.






It is high time now that everyone analyses their belief systems and should obviously not follow anybody blindly else what was witnessed yesterday can be witnessed anytime in the future.

We should use our brains and not wear a blind fold to the things happening around us. Above all we should start analyzing the things and not believe anybody and everybody. We should make decisions wisely and trust people more wisely.

-Megha Gupta

Edited by Mrinaal Datt

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