Social Recruiters by Amit Sharma: Book Review

social recruiters
Recently I had the opportunity to read ‘Social Recruiters’ by Mr. Amit Sharma, the Managing Director of Big Ideas HR Consulting Private Limited.
Now you must be intrigued by the title of the book. Well, it does use to distinctive words together- social and recruitment. If you are a potential corporate employee, a businessman, a startup or any other individual from any walk of life- this book is for you.
Now let me tell you why. There are two reasons to it- You will have to face the recruitment process at least once in your lifetime, no matter on which side of the table you might be, one. Two, you are on at least one social networking site.
social recruiters
So what does that mean for you? This is exactly what ‘Social Recruiters’ seeks to answer. With the role of social media increasing in our lives with every passing day, it is impossible for businesses to remain unaffected by it. As a result, many companies are hiring “Social Recruiters” to court prospective employees on various social networking sites.
social recruiters
These recruiters may be as old as your parents and as young as me and you, or even younger. Thus, this book by Amit Sharma is a great insight into the changing dynamics of the corporate world.
Now if you think that it makes the book a very boring read, let me warn you at the outset- it is simply not true. The book makes sure it doesn’t turn into a yawn. There are interesting stories and anecdotes to keep things interesting.
For example- did you know that recruitment in the modern times finds its origins in the Roman history? Well, you do now!
All in all, this book is a great read for anyone who would like to know the future of recruitment.
So, if all of this sounds interesting to you, you may take a look at the book here.
-Mrinaal Datt
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