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Hash Guys, Sector-10, Chandigarh: Review

Hash Guys

The infamous “Gehri route” or Azaadi route, as it is now called has always been a favorite with people, especially the youngsters. So it is no wonder why there are lots of places to eat here. Adding to this list of food outlets is Hash Guys- a new takeaway outlet that offers lip-smacking fast food.

The brainchild of three friends- Guntash, Sahil and Abhay, from S.D. College, Hash Guys in Sector-10 is their second outlet. The other one being in Sector-36. I recently tried this place and here is my review:

Ambience: The decor at Hash Guys is warm and inviting. Granted it is just a booth but you can see that a lot of thought and effort has been put in making it feel welcoming. There’s a kickass Marshall speaker that’s playing amazing (and thankfully, non-Punjabi) songs that keep you company while you wait for your order. Also, the menu is quite interesting. You can order something from a Pablo Escobar pizza to Kylie Jenne fries. It keeps you amused and entertained.

What I had: Well, firstly, it makes sense to introduce you to their Boba drinks. This is the first time I have heard of a concept like this in tricity. So there are little Bobas in your fruit flavored drinks that burst in your mouth as soon as they come up the straw. I had a Passion fruit Boba and it is definitely a must try. These are also available in other flavors like Blueberry, Strawberry, Green Apple, Litchi, Orange and Virgin Mojito.

The famous Boba Drinks

Now, if you are a coffee person, I have something even better. Personally, I love coffee so I was excited to see what Hash Guys had up its sleeve. Turns out, they have reinvented coffee by adding coco jelly to it. There are little jelly beans in your coffee that you can slurp. It is definitely an interesting take and one that I definitely approve of.

Moving on to their famous burgers, since I am a vegetarian I tried their Justin Bieber. It has Mozzarella Cheese patty with an in house sauce. And it is hands down THE BEST burger I have ever had. A lot of places get the bun to patty to sauces ratio wrong. But not Hash Guys, everything is just perfect except your hands may get a little messy. But that’s alright. It is a small price to pay for such deliciousness.

Hash Guys
The Justin Bieber burger

Now my brother did try their Notorious Big burger and it certainly lives up to its name. It is huge since it has a double Juicy Chicken patty, Bacon, Mozzarella cheese and their special sauce. In his opinion, the burger was extremely juicy and delicious and something that he’d want to go back and try again. Both the burgers are extremely filling and light on the pocket.

Hash Guys
The Notorious Big burger

Finally, we ended up having their Lucky Luciano pizza that has bell peppers, olives, jalapenoes, mushrooms and cheese. It was quite good. But I like my pizza loaded with veggies. So in my opinion, the veggies were a bit less but I am sure a lot of people like their pizza like that.

The Lucky Luciano pizza

Verdict: If you haven’t tried Hash Guys already, you are missing out! It is definitely a must visit. For the quality of food that is being served here, the prices are a steal. You will certainly not regret it.

Price points: Around 500 for two people.

Rating: 4.5/5

-Mrinaal Datt
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