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What was my Fault? By Aziz Paidwala- Book Review

What was my fault?

Title: What was my Fault?

Author: Aziz Paidwala

Publication: Power Publishers

Blurb: Set in the year 2014, an experience of a young man in his late twenties who has lost every emotional war in his life. He blames himself and is always on edge. He is losing the last remaining shred of hope of finding true love, when he comes across a girl who changes everything. Suddenly, his entire world turns upside down and his happiness knows no bounds. But like every other aspect of his life, his relationship is twisted in more ways than one. This time, however, he has to decide whether he was to be blamed? Or had there been something else ruining it all along?

What was my fault?

Review: What was my Fault? Is rather a brave attempt to try something different in the Indian market. The Indian reading market is saturated with love stories as every average reader would be aware. Just when you think there is no more place for a love story, there comes another one on the shelves. This book tries really hard to be a departure from that. It tries so hard that it falters in some ways.

When you start reading the story, it does build an interest in the reader as to what is wrong. What is the protagonist struggling with? The author builds up to it really nicely. You are hooked, you hurriedly want to get to that part. Sadly, everything in this book goes downhill from there. It stops being a story and turns into a long drawn monologue at not one place, but many places which feels like a drag to the reader.

what was my fault?

The ending of the book is underwhelming and leaves you asking for more. Maybe the author tried too hard and that is what proved to be his undoing. The book takes a lot of leaps suddenly with no explanation or text to back it up which can be very confusing for the reader. The idea of the author is brave but Aziz fails to do it complete justice. There is constant effort by the author to make the protagonist look like the good guy, but he comes off as desperate and clingy in reality. The character Farhan suffers from major flaws as does the female lead, Zoya. The book is also marred by an inefficient editing job- you’ll find loads of grammatical mistakes and words like ‘is’, ‘are’ etc missing from the sentences at times. Honestly, that is very uncomfortable to read as a reader.

Try it if you want to experiment reading something new.

Rating: 2/5

Price: 240 INR+70 INR

You can buy it from Amazon here.



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