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Cinema and its greatest dialogues to have left an impact


Cinema (Not Scott Pilgrim) vs the World (Runtime: 6 mins 36 secs)


If you’ve ever been to a cinema to watch a movie (which I fear the subsequent Netflix-generations might miss out on), you’d know the feeling of being hooked the minute you rest your buttocks on the cushioned seat. Something or the other always makes an impact; be it the soundtrack, the opening sequence, or (spoiler warning) well, Thanos beating the shit out of the Hulk.

Hell, it could even be Rahul Dravid talking about how much he hates being run out. (If you’ve had a pack of cigarettes the night before)

Well, if you concur with my point of view, grab a big tub of popcorn, for we’re about to dive into some of the greatest quotes of cinema history. (Well, with some perspective, of course)

(Disclaimer: This is merely a list of the top 3 reasons why a tribe of people called cinephiles exists)

Timestamp 1: 1 min 13 secs

Great Cinema is a big “fuck you” to how things are “supposed to be”.

“What’s normal anyways?”, Forest Gump once asked, and I gave it due thought. Then, I watched Tamasha, and Ranbir’s (or Ved’s) words echoed through my eardrums for days. Well, for the sake of context, this is what he said, “Wahi kahani phir ek baar … Majnu ne liye kapde phaad … maar tamasha beech bazar”. At that point, I genuinely wondered, what’s normal anyways?

greatest dialogues

Then came along fight club, and Tyler said, “The things you own end up owning you”. However, for someone as broke as I am, nothing owns me, because I own nothing. (Bet you didn’t see that one coming)

Umm…to be completely fair, as Ravi would have said, “Mere paas Maa hai!” (I know, pacing issues, right?)

greatest dialogues

The point being that great cinema challenges notions and stereotypes. It teaches you that there can be meaning in the incorrect spelling of happiness if the “Pursuit of Happyness” is cherished more than happiness itself. More precisely, a moviewith enough heart can change you on a fundamental level.
*Secret Message: Love your dog as much as John Wick.*

If you’ve made it this far, people, enjoy your interval if you have to. Get back control of your bladder before the quote-down begins its second half. (Got to make this feel like a movie, duh!) But, if I have already bored you to death, listen to what Bunny once said (in YJHD): Sahi waqt pe kat len chahiye, nahi to gile-shikve hone lagte hai.

Timestamp 2: 2 mins 44 secs (after an inappropriately timed interval)

Great Cinema Showcases the True Power of Imagination. “Murphy’s Law doesn’t mean that something bad will happen. It means that whatever can happen, will happen.” – Cooper
Imagine that being said in a movie that literally depicts the fifth dimension. Better yet, go and watch Interstellar if you haven’t already.

greatest dialogues

Films have visualized concepts that sound too far-fetched even on paper. We’ve had time machines, flying cars, bulletproof men, dragons, gargoyles, and what not. You name it; anything imaginable can be or already has been translated into a movie scene. Cinematographers have created entire galaxies for god’s sake.

Breathtaking, great cinema is. (Read in Yoda’s voice)

Timestamp 3: 3 mins 22 secs

The Way Great Cinema Expresses the Human Condition is Hauntingly Beautiful.

There’s just something refreshing about watching a character in a movie express his/her emotions on camera. Well, if the audience asks the cinema screen “Where To, Miss?”, the answer that echoes through the runtime of any good movie is “To the Stars.”.

greatest dialgoues

For instance, The Perks of Being a Wallflower is an introvert’s daydream. It’s a beautiful depiction of how life passes by for someone who isn’t an instant fit in the crowd. Relatability isn’t the only virtue that comes along with a great cinematic experience. If utilized correctly, the visual medium can even breathe new life into gut-wrenching sentiments. Go watch Me and Earl and The Dying Girl and I’ll go bald for a month if you don’t feel the hands of mortality clenching around your neck as the movie ends.

Great Cinema is as much of a wake-up call as it is an escape. Well, I don’t know about you, but nothing has made me move my butt and do something productive like the following quote from Shawkshank: “Get busy living, or get busy dying.” —Ellis Boy “Red” Redding

greatest dialogues

Timestamp 4: 5 mins 52 secs

The End is Nigh

Every good movie ends with a message (even if it isn’t the one you want to hear). Need an example? Go watch La La Land’s ending and look at the eyes of Sebastian when they fixate themselves on Mia after her unexpected arrival in his own Jazz club. (spoiler warning) Yes, he gets one! In the same spirit, I’ve got to type out a message too. Well, I’ll quote one, to be precise, and hope that it’s the one you want to hear.

greatest dialogues

“Hasta la vista, baby.” (The message is that Arnold kicks ass as the Terminator!)

Timestamp 5: 6 mins 36 secs

Roll Credits…

-Angad Singh



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