The Uncommon Detectives by Mahijit Bhatt: Book Review

So what happens when the imagination of a 12 year old kid runs amok? The story of The Uncommon Detectives is born.

Sypnosis: Using London as the backdrop, this book entails the journey of budding detectives. They embark on a journey to unveil the heist of a precious stone by the most notorious criminals of London. Interestingly, all the characters are animals and birds. All the characters are portrayed as if they are human beings.

Review: Published by Partridge Publications, The Uncommon Detectives is a fun read. However, the writer is a 12 year old tween. So it is really targeted at young readers. The story entails a secret Mi6 like agency that stops crimes committed by animal criminals. It is a light read and written very well for an author as young as Mahijit. The 12 year old gives a better description than many other adult authors I have read and that is a mean feat. The vocabulary and the grasp over the English language is very strong.

The Uncommon Detectives

Also, the story is well paced thus you fly through the pages enjoying it. Though it is a story that is written for young adults, I guess it can be read by people our age who are looking for a light read. The descriptions in The Uncommon Detectives are very visual and you can imagine the cute protagonist who is a puppy running around. Or create a picture of the mean cat who is the leader of the gang committing the theft.

The fact that Mahijit portrays the characters as humans is very endearing. Certainly I will be looking forward to what this little genius has in mind for the next book.

Verdict: 3/5

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-Mrinaal Datt

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