Pantene Pro-V Hair Oil Replacement – REVIEW

Pantene Pro-V Hair Oil Replacement

If you are someone who has been with me through out on my Instagram journey, you probably know about my hair hassles. You know, the reason why I got a dramatic haircut recently. With a tight schedule between college, blogging and home, taking care of my hair (read oiling) has always been a problem. However, of late, my hair seem to be going through fortunate times. First the haircut, of course and now the savior of it all- the Pantene Pro-V Hair Oil Replacement.

The New Pantene Pro-V Hair Oil Replacement has Pro-v and the goodness of essential oils. It promises to give you 2X stronger hair without all the hassle. Remember how our moms and grandmas tell us to oil our hair to make them stronger and longer, but we never have the time for it all? This product changes all of that.

My Sunday hair oiling routine has changed dramatically thanks to the Hair Oil Replacement. I have been using it for over 3 weeks now and I have noticed a significant reduction in hair fall. The best part is that it is not sticky like regular hair oils. The Pantene Pro-V Hair Oil Replacement has a cream based formula that just glides on to your hair. It also has a beautiful fruity fragrance that makes your hair smell SO good.

I love the fact that this product is really easy to use.

  1. You open the product.

Pantene Pro-V Hair Oil Replacement2. Dab some amount on to your hand according to the length of your hair.

3. Massage it through your hair.

Pantene Pro-V Hair Oil Replacement

And you are good to go! Style your hair anyway you want. There is literally nothing else that you have to do.

Ever since I have got my hands on this product, I really haven’t used hair oil!

Only last week I was supposed to be at an event and being the lazy ass that I am, I washed my hair so late that I had no time to style them. I took the Hair Oil Replacement with me and right before I was supposed to enter the venue for the event, I just dabbed some of it and applied on my hair. The result? Beautiful looking hair instantly! So much so that I got so many compliments as to how shiny and lively my hair looked.

Pantene Pro-V Hair Oil Replacement

What else can you possibly ask for?! With this life changing product to the rescue, I say goodbye to long oiling hours. #TelKoTelLagao


-Mrinaal Datt

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