A New Year’s wish (plus the results for New Years giveaway!)

Dear readers
Welcome to 2017!
New Year- the time the whole world had been eagerly waiting for, thanks to a by and large forgettable 2016 for all of us.
It is the time for new beginnings even though we all know the concept of “New Year, new me” is complete BS. A change in the year is not going to change our life. After all, didn’t we humans ourselves develop the notion of time?
So how does that change even matter? It’s just a day. Like the ones you’ve had.
But then again, didn’t we humans develop this notion of time based on planetary movements? Movements of the Sun and a gazillion other celestial bodies…If by mere movement, the moon can raise waves in our oceans then just imagine how planetary movements can affect us?!
Sure, we developed these concepts for our convenience but isn’t it a chance we should grab? A New Year is a great way to demarcate your past from your future. An amazing time to let bygones be bygones and make a fresh start.
Who wouldn’t want that even though it’s just a silly change of year.
If planetary movements can move oceans, I’m sure they can change things for the better in our lives too!
For this New Year, I am not wishing for anything monumental, just simple things. A cleaner environment, a peaceful world, roof over the heads of people, food and education for all. But the more I think about it, the more I realise that these simple challenges are the ones that have been bothering the world since long. For we have reached the stars but basic needs and rights of people? That still remains a distant dream. And no matter what President elect Trump tells you, even climate change is real! Ask me, I haven’t worn my beloved sweaters even once this ‘winter’.
So this year, all I wish for is the world to be a bit more sane, a bit more accommodating and a bit more kind.
And even if the world seems like a dark and scary place, let us not lose our hope towards it. Because you don’t know who might just be clinging on it.
With this, I bid you a very Happy New Year on behalf of the whole team of A Colorful Riot! and hope you’ll continue to be a part of our journey.
P.S. The winner of our New Year giveaway is Arpita Goel (!!) who sent in a beautiful video she made regarding her plans for the year ahead. Check it out here- https://youtu.be/ie5WKpMdMOw
Congratulations, Arpita!
Mrinaal Datt
A Colorful Riot!




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