How living alone can transform your life

living alone

This is for the sole dwellers who, I believe, might agree as to how transforming an experience it is to live alone. So if you’re a solitary banker in a fast paced city, or a student struggling your semester in your P.G., or an independent young lad who has left his/her city to earn your dreams on your own; this is for you! Well, you might love your solitary life, or hate it, or maybe you’re scared to live alone if you have to. A little bit of insight from our side is all set to enlighten you about it for sure!

First things first, living alone brings with itself the fact that there are practically no people (it is not even as obvious as you think it is). Managing things has never been as difficult. There are a plethora of tasks that slide into our schedule smoothly (thanks mom!). This is the time when they come to the forefront. I understand that it can be a real war, but where else do warriors come from? When you take charge of your own life, you are suddenly in a better position to transform it.

There are some major personality changes. You learn to talk to yourself, and guide yourself when you need that immediate piece of advice. Nothing can be more satisfying than being your own Plan B.

You will learn to cook. Not even kidding. Not even fooling you like telecom advertisements. One hundred percent, you’ll get bored of the fries and the momos and whatever junk you majorly savor. Eventually, you will learn to feed yourself. You might think it is not, but it is indeed empowering to be able to feed yourself.

living alone

You will also get your hand tighter on saving money. Once you have to deal with the daily tasks of the day, you will realize the costs of these daily tasks. You will struggle a little, but will eventually find a way to balance your expenses.

You never realized that living with human beings, though occasionally empowering and helpful, comes with a whole lot of social awkwardness. There is no way you could avoid the random small talk you HAD to carry out with your roommate’s friends who showed up. I bet you don’t want to know that your roommate’s friend’s friend has a new car in which the entire gang drove to where else but your place!!! Or maybe you do… to burn that thing down. 😛
But that’s really not the case if you live alone; just saying.

living alone

Self-love is important. And this is not a motivational lecture but small realistic things that are easy to understand. No, you will not start worshiping yourself and think that everyone else is just petty existence. But, on the way home, you will buy yourself some chocolate if it was a hard day at work. Or maybe you will drive yourself to an ice cream parlor to satisfy that midnight craving. Kudos to you!
(You never come home to people too drunk to function)
That feeling of security is immense when you can leave your clothes hanging in your bathroom, only to find them there days after. And you do not need to hide your favourite snacks. Hells Yes!

living alone

So, don’t run away from your house or kill your roommate. But yeah, when an opportunity knocks at your door, have it! (Not the opportunity to kill your annoying roommate, but to live independently). It will not be easy, but it will be worth it. And don’t be scared of missing your loved ones, it might increase the taste of coming back home. And remember that to fly, a bird has to leave its nest.

-Ananya Talwar

Edited by Mrinaal Datt

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