Geetanjali Design Studio x Mrinaal Datt: Lookbook

Geetanjali Design Studio
After the recent colorful photo series I had put on Instagram, I had been planning to come up with something relatively somber.
So I decided to come up with this look curated by Geetanjali design studio. Geetanjali is an Indo- Canadian designer who designs bespoke couture.
After numerous Skype sessions discussing designs, colors and fittings, Geetanjali came up with this beautiful black Georgette dress for me. It is exquisitely designed with a burst of colorful embroidery and sequin work around the waist and the free flowing sleeves.
As mentioned earlier since we were opting for a more “dark look”, my makeup artist, Simran (who you can find on Instagram here) complimented my look by using the smoky eye effect and bleeding colors on my lips.
I completed my look with black pumps from Mochi and silver jewelry from Mia. I have observed that these black pumps add instant oomph to every outfit while silver jewelry is a classic and can be added to provide the much needed class and elegance to every look.
For the shoot location, the talented photographer RPS Brar of Hunar-e-Tasvir zeroed in on the Botanical garden of Panjab University, Chandigarh. With numerous elements to play around with like a cluster of bamboo trees and a beautiful pond, we were spoilt for choices.  And then of course, there were various props that we used to accentuate the photos like flowers and umbrella. It was a nice windy day which certainly added a beautiful element to the finished pictures.
Here are some of my favorites out of the many pictures we clicked.
Geetanjali Design Studio
Geetanjali Design Studio

 Geetanjali Design Studio

Geetanjali Design Studio
Geetanjali Design Studio
Let me know what you think about this look and you can check out other works by Geetanjali Design Studio here.
-Mrinaal Datt
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