Fashion winter essentials for every woman

fashion winter essentials

We always want to change our style and it’s very difficult to do so. Usually, we are not comfortable with experimenting but the same look can be monotonous. Girls, you should be unpredictable always. People will admire you for your fearless and confident fashion styles. So here are some fashion winter essentials you all should have!

P.S. Don’t be so unsure about experimenting!

1. A good fitted pair of jeggings

Jeggings are of perfect fit even if you are petite or curvy and they look good with almost everything!

fashion winter essentials

2. Jumper or sweater

Jumpers and sweaters are baggy and loose fit which gives you comfort and keeps you warm at the same time. Further, it looks amazingly cool if you pair it with a nice warm scarf.

fashion winter essentials

3. Statement coats

And when I say coat, I mean coat. In winters we usually wear dark colors. When it comes to a statement coat, you should wear something edgy with a nice print or a color and you will not look so boring.

fashion winter essentials

4. Boots!

Please don’t wear your belles and flats with those ugly socks! Come on! Get some nice boots for god’s sake. These will also keep you very warm.

fashion winter essentials

5. Knitted dress

If you haven’t tried this look then you definitely should. Also wearing a knitted dress with tights and knee length boots will make you look relaxed yet flattering.


fashion winter essentials


6. Winter tights

Winter tights are a must for every woman. It keeps you warm and adds oomph to your monotonous style.

fashion winter essentials


7. Synthetic leather jacket

Why? Because you should always have a synthetic leather jacket. It also looks distinctive and exclusive.

fashion winter essentials

So what do you think of our fashion winter essentials? How many of them do you own and did we miss any of your fashion winter essentials? Also let us know!

P.S Don’t forget to carry yourself with confidence. Surely, it is the best outfit.

– Pragya Nautiyal

Edited by Mrinaal Datt

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