Dealing with death of a loved one: A happy memory forever

We all have lost someone special in our lives. Either due to some accident or disease. But losing that someone special brings a huge change in our lives. Be it change in our relationships, career, priorities and most importantly in ‘faith’.
It all depends on the bond we share with that person. But as we all know, life is all about ‘moving on’. Time doesn’t stop for anyone after all. Such tragedies lead to major impact on a person’s life. And leave the scars on the heart and mind which hardly fade away.
But every such person needs someone in their life to give them strength and courage to deal with this huge loss and overcome the insecurities.
Some other ways to deal with such loss can be:
1.Take time when making major decisions.
The year after the death of a loved one is very emotional. Mental health experts suggest waiting at least a year before making any major decisions, such as moving or changing jobs.
2.Share new responsibilities.
It takes time for you and your family to adjust to new responsibilities and settle into a new routine. This is especially important for younger children who may be particularly upset and they need more attention too.
3. Get help handling financial and legal matters.
The many financial and legal tasks that follow a death often seem overwhelming. This is especially true if you are not used to handling your own financial and legal affairs. If possible, talk with a legal or financial expert, such as a lawyer, an accountant, or a financial advisor.
4. Consider joining a support group.
Support groups offer you the chance to talk with others who share your feelings and experiences.
5. Be positive. 
Don’t fear change. Develop and pursue new interests and engage yourself in activities that comfort your heart and mind. And don’t feel guilty about doing it.
This is true that it is not a single person who dies but mentally the whole family ends. The pain is unbearable to handle and deal with. But life is a puzzle and every experience forms a part of this puzzle. If someone close to you dies, it feels like he took a piece of the puzzle that will never return and the puzzle would be incomplete forever.
So guys, don’t wait for a perfect moment to come, just bring out what you feel for someone because you never know when someone’s last goodbye is. Love more, hate less because life is too short to carry the burden of grudges. So be happy. Keep smiling. Stay blessed.
– Lavisha Gera 
Edited by Mrinaal Datt
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