How we can travel without leaving our city


Traveling is something we cannot get enough of. From the moment we reach home, we start planning about where our next trip is going to be, away from the city. But most often than not, we are not always able to make to make that happen. Not everyone can afford to explore new places one after the other. There are other reasons too, like it is difficult to get a leave for working people and responsibilities which cannot be avoided.


But there is one way we can have that experience of exploring a new place without ever leaving our own city. We can always go to places in our city where we have never been before. We, as people, often ignore things in our plain sight thinking they don’t have anything worthwhile. Just venture into unexplored parts of your city. Go to that new restaurant and try something you have never had before. Or go to your favorite restaurant and order something other than what we usually do. There are interesting people everywhere and we can always strike up a conversation and make new friends.

Traveling is all about experience- exploring places, meeting new people and taking your food buds on a journey. You can literally do all that in your own city. All you need is to find such an experience is seek.


I know this idea seems a little unusual and uninteresting at first. But remember, the initial reason why we decided to travel is we loved that feeling of a new experience. Experiences don’t always have to be hundreds of miles away from our home. We can get a bus pass and get off the bus at any random stop and start exploring the place. Or we can just head out and then just pick a place where we have not eaten before and order something we haven’t tried before. We can talk to strangers or we can strike up a conversation with that cute classmate or colleague of ours just for fun’s sake. The possibilities are endless!

-Karanveer Monga

Edited by Mrinaal Datt

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