Book review of Ehsaas-e-Mehek by Aashriya


As a book lover, I’m particularly partial towards fictional stories. I love dwelling and immersing
myself in the world of the protagonist. But there are times when I crave poetry. Poetry that
makes your soul happy.

I’ve been told I’m very choosy with my readings when it comes to poetry. And there’s a reason for that. Anyone with knowledge of a language can string some fancy words together but it’s a true poet who can always infuse soul in those words and make them come alive.
And I had such a spiritual experience recently. I had the opportunity to read Ehsaas-e-Mehek before its official release. The book is a collection of a hundred poems in Hindi and it written by Ms. Aashriya- a professional with two daughters.

The moment I laid by hands on the copy and started reading the first poem, I instantly fell in love with it. So much so that I couldn’t lay my hands down until I had to be coaxed to do so. The book is just not a bunch of random poems put together. Rather, it is a journey, an emotional roller coaster that has you experiencing all kinds of feelings. Feelings of love, loss, longing, happiness and what not.

Ehsaas-e-MehekFor an emotional reader, this book is a treat. There is a poem for every mood, every season and more. And that is not even the best part. The best part is the simplicity of it all. When you sit down to read this masterpiece in Hindi, as a casual reader you do not face any difficulties. Why? Because Ms. Aashriya has managed to put across her thoughts in a very dignified manner without feeling the need to overtly use complex words unnecessarily. This restraint that has been exercised by her speaks volume about her finesse as a poetess even though it is her debut work.

So if you are someone who loves reading poetry and appreciates beautiful art, I suggest you pick this book up without any second thoughts. Thank me instead for helping you discover a new gem in the Hindi literary realm for this is a work of art that needs to be cherished as you sit down in your bed with a nice cup of coffee.

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-Mrinaal Datt
You can read more about her here.


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