Why That Boho Girl Kritika Khurana is our favorite fashion blogger!

That Boho Girl

Yes, I run a website so I am supposed to be professional. But I have my fan-girling moments. Moments when I girl crush on certain people, HARD. And That Boho Girl certainly tops the list. Kritika Khurana, or more popularly known as That Boho Girl is a fashion/lifestyle blogger based out of Delhi. If you are a fashion enthusiast, she is everything you want to be and more! With a massive following over all her social media handles, she certainly continues to slay.

Here are 5 reasons why she is a favorite with all-

  1. She is ultra stylish

Yes, that just sounds so basic. But that is not what I mean. That Boho Girl is stylish, effortlessly. Her looks aren’t something that come off the runway. It is rather very classy and sophisticated.

That Boho Girl

2. She is REAL.

Kritika has a story that most girls relate with. Weighty issues, low self-esteem to transforming into a strong, independent woman. She has done it all. And she is not ashamed of any of it. Further, she sports her stretch marks with pride and is comfortable in her imperfections.

That Boho Girl

3. She takes you on wonderful journeys.

With the amount of work she does, she certainly gets to travel a lot. So if you are following her on her social media, you get to see her traveling round the world. Be it Dubai or somewhere in India itself, That Boho Girl takes you on a ride while certainly slaying her looks!

That Boho Girl

4. She loves her fans like her family.

Kritika loves her fans. I doubt if you can even call her fans, well, fans. She treats them like family. Also, her Snapchat handle consists of late night chat sessions with her followers where she opens about various issues, her desires and at times even gets super emotional. Bottomline- she respects her fans.

That Boho Girl

5. Her friends and family are love!

When you join the That Boho Girl community, you not only join Kritika but also her family. Be it her friend Karan (they are goals, BTW), her sister Deeksha or even her parents or her cute pets, you get to be a part of it all! So, it is not just the glamour alone.

That Boho Girl


So what are you waiting for? Go join her and we promise you will thank us!

– Mrinaal Datt

Read more about her here.



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