Summer Fashion- Incorporating Ethnic Indian Style


The Indian summer is here and that means scorching heat, unbearable humidity and what not. In these times, we generally tend to go for easy clothes. But does that mean we let our style statement go for a toss?

Obviously not!

I talked to a few people and the most common complaint was the inconvenience of ethnic wear during summer. But is it really true? I tried to find out by collaborating with Gauri Seth of Viable Apparel Sourcing. Gauri has an amazing collection of clothes and accessories. We decided to try an ethnic outfit and see its viability in this weather.

We zeroed in on this beautiful Olive Green Kurti Skirt that Gauri got made for me. FYI, she stays in the Delhi region while I am here in Chandigarh. All our brainstorming and customisations took over the internet and within a week, I ha my beautiful outfit. And the best part? It fit me like a dream. No need for alterations or any other tweaks.

However, the real test was yet to take place. Can I wear it in summer? Or do I have to stick to boring plain old t-shirts?

Well, here are the results-


I spent majority of my day in this outfit and it was breezy to say the least. The skirt had me moving freely while the asymmetric design of the kurti made room for compliments and stolen second glances. I teamed up the outfit with ethnic silver earrings and heirloom bangles that I got from my mom and my look was complete.

I spent the day reading, posing for pictures and running from one place to another, without complaining about my outfit!


Ethnic Ethnic Ethnic

Well, what can I say? Not bad, huh?

All thanks to Gauri and her brilliant craftsmanship I must say.

You may find more of her works on her Facebook page or you may mail her at, she won’t disappoint rather she will exceed your expectations!

-Mrinaal Datt

Read more about her here.

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