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Sada Pind- a taste into the Panjabi Virsa!

Sada Pind

The major dream heritage project which was planned a decade ago by the Akalis’ finally found its way in Amritsar last year. Even though there has been a change of guard earlier this year, this article certainly had to be written. Well, better late than never they say. Sada Pind- one look at it and you feel like in heaven. So it was definitely worth the wait.

Sada Pind

Sada Pind‘ i.e. our village in Panjabi is a portrayal of typical village life, its culture and the Panjabi virsa. It is a kind of a time machine that takes you back in time and feel the rich heritage of ‘Punjab’.

Sada Pind


  • Situated at about 8kms from Golden Temple. The heritage village features houses of potters, weavers, blacksmiths and other artisans.
  • Each hut tries to bring alive the life of that particular rural artisan, complete with the interiors, the decor and the tools used for work.
  • The village also has the residences of sarpanch and nambardar, a community hall, daak ghar, dhaba, grocery store, besides a haveli.
  • It also features a typical ‘Punjab ka mela’ -the fest that brings life to a village with games, puppet show and animal rides.

                     Sada Pind

That is not all, tourists can stay at Sada Pind hotel and enjoy the night life of the pind. The rooms are especially designed to bring the feel of a ‘pind’ to the people. Various night shows take place and programs are set. It requires no special occasion. So every day in the pind is special.

Coming to the food, that we people are most interested, or atleast I am.😛

The very first hut offers you ‘makki di roti with gudh’ and the refreshing punjabi drink ‘Lassi’. And believe me, it is so yum that you can never be satisfied with one glass. The pind has a dhaba of all the punjabi foods and an unlimited buffet. The food tastes heavenly. The spices of Punjab are well blended with love and to all the lovers of spicy food, this is a treat to your taste buds.

Package: The package includes sight seeing, rides, animal rides and games and of course, the buffet. The packages are different for day and night and weekdays and weekends. However, they generally range from ₹550 to 700.

Sada Pind

But spending this money would bring you a lifetime of memories and fun. All I would say is “Punjab aake je sada pind ni dekheya, ta tuci punjab ch kuch ni dekheya.” And I guess, it would change the perspective of the then Badal Sarkar for a moment, maybe.

So guys, with the long weekend ahead, just pack your bags and visit it ASAP!

– Lavisha Gera

Edited by Mrinaal Datt.

Read more about them here.



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