Painting the town red with I Know Studio!

I Know Studio

I Know Studio is a up and coming fasion brand based out of Delhi. Recently, I had the opportunity to collaborate with them. The label is the brain child of Timsy and Siddhartha who are an absolute delight to work with.

They have such a huge collection at I Know Studio that it is almost impossible for you to decide what you want. There’s tops and shirts and dresses, each one more beautiful than the next. So after much deliberation, I finally zeroed in on a red poncho styled kaftan.

Since they are based in Delhi, they had to courier it to me. I honestly thought that it will take time. But honestly, this is not the case. Two days later, I come home and it has already arrived!

First impressions: I love it!

I Know Studio


It is so beautiful and flowy. The best part? It forms a perfect circle when you twirl! Don’t believe it, see it for yourself. I Know StudioSo I have kept the look really minimal with this one. I am wearing earrings by the online fashion site, Youshine. They are like very boho and I enjoy wearing them a lot.

Further, I have used eye shadow from NUDES to do my eyes. And finally, I am wearing the Retro Matte Gloss by PAC Cosmetics on my lips to finish off the look.

Also, this shoot is the first one I did after getting my hair short and I think that the top really compliments it. Though I should probably leave that to you to decide.

However, this smile probably sums it all up- my experience with I Know Studio and my new haircut!

I Know Studio

You can find I Know Studio on Instagram here.

Or you can also visit their website.

And don’t forget to let me know what you think!

-Mrinaal Datt

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