Winter is coming: Foods to enjoy in the cold weather


Most of us love winters. I don’t, but I do love some seasonal foods. Also, there are a few
foods that just taste better during the winter season. S, the upside on the ‘winter is
coming’ time can definitely be the delicious, lip-smacking food we will get to eat.

Here are some of my favorites:



The warm sweet potatoes, mixed with a spicy green chutney, along with the sweet imli chutney, is one of the best things about winters. My mother generally boils the sweet potatoes (in case you want to prepare it at home) but the sweet potatoes sold by the vendors who make it on the tawa has a different taste all together.



Since the longest time I can remember, winters are not really winters until there
are gajaks at home. There are mainly two types of gajaks- til and gur. I love both of them
equally. Though, the gur gajak is a bit difficult to chew at times, but the flavorsome juices make my hand reach out for it again and again. The til gajak is what reminds me of my
childhood. It has a simple but extraordinarily delicious taste.



This is what I love the most about winters- Unlimited peanuts! I live to eat peanuts. After dumplings, if I am obsessed with anything, it has got to be peanuts. But I stop myself
often during summers from eating them, because apparently they create heat in your body.
But hey! We need that heat in winters, so yay to peanuts!



How can I write something without mentioning the love of my life? So, momos are
fattening, which for someone like me is a sad fact. But when you eat momos during the
cold weather, it doesn’t impact your health in a major way. This is a fact and not a trickery
to make everyone obsessed with momos. And trust me, momos do taste a lot better during
those winter evenings. Momos with the hot and spicy chutney are the best combo for any
winter evening.



Yes, Maggi can be enjoyed in any weather. But for me, the best taste of Maggi comes out on a chilly morning, along with a nice cup of masala tea while admiring the beauty of life. I love and desire Maggi the most during two times of my life: when I am sick or when I am cold. Try this combo this winter, and do give me your feedback on how you likeed it. I mean come on! Maggi for breakfast with chai or coffee, what can be better?



Fish is something that is really really good for you, it is good for your skin, hair, eyes,
nails, muscles, brain etc etc. But fish is also something that heats up your body temperature,
so it is best for a human body to eat it during winters. (Disclaimer: I just know it because of
myths and I don’t have a substantial source to back it up). But as far as I know fish is best
enjoyed during the winters and yes, please don’t consume any dairy products with fish.



The carrots that are needed for making gajar ka halwa come during the winter season. This is a tradition in almost all the houses, to make gajar ka halwa during the winter season. It is the most liked dessert by a lot of people in any Indian household. The delicious mixture of mawa with the grated carrots is just outstanding, and should definitely not be missed.

These are few of my favorite foods during the winter season, I make sure to enjoy them.
What are yours? Let us know in the comments below!

-Jagriti Mahajan

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Edited by Mrinaal Datt

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