Narcos Season-2

Narcos in it’s first season came as the thrill-filled, violence topped, generously honour-packed package to all the viewers anticipating it ever since it’s first announcement. It’s been unanimously loved by filmmakers themselves, casual viewers and genre-specific viewers coming in from all doors of age groups. I for one am a sucker for gang-related, crime brimming, dark, mafioso content. Add the drama quotient to the brutal honesty of a documentary and that’s just about what Narcos, as of it’s two season repertoire, is.


We all loved the almost young Pablo in the first series shown to be making waves across medellin, climbing upward on the ladder of a rather unconventional business, ascertaining his position as the undisputed don for many years to come. Ruthless business endeavours and careful planning that only seemed rash and impulsive whereas what really was impulsive was the destructive quotient present in the Pablo shown to us. We all had our chosen moments in season one and we would gladly so agree that rivers of tears flowed with the sudden gait of Gustavo.

I’ve, like you, surely come across people criticizing the second season of Narcos claiming it isn’t as good as the first but I would rather very strongly disagree and that too with the below mentioned reasoning.

Not a moment in the whole of second season would seem disappointing, and to support that, the thing we all loved came back in grandest of fashions with the second season’s first episode in the introductory moments with Pablo royally making his way out the jungle with his pack of men (read ‘wolves’) and in a reinforced construct of confronting and an inaudible roar, humbly makes his way through the forces present to pin him as much as possible, as painful as possible.


Season two delivers perfectly to the gut, vengeance, madness, will and tension present in us all. Keeping in mind that not even a disclaimer was put on of any manner for the series, it’s legitimately everything that happened and that it was so beautifully put on screen is a major precedent. I’ve never seen a better documentation and closely executed downfall be it Scarface or The Godfather Trilogy.

Parallel portrayal of the several thin, busy, tense and dense strands of story as well as a perfectly timed blend of visual aesthetics, I think it wouldn’t get any better for any docudrama whatsoever. Every character paid proper attention to with their own stories attached to them and the overcoming of internal hurdles by various individuals in various patterns suggestive of a ‘might be’ outcome from the same. Heavily layered processes such as cartel discussions stripped down like acid, nothing has been left behind. Right from bringing you what would please you to maintaining a high quotient of dignity towards the spirit of the series itself.


For somebody as questioning as me, considering all the ‘why’s in the equation and drilling to the end of substance, Narcos completely vanquishes the appetite and in blazing gracefulness. Remarkable touching on topics in eagle fashion, quickly but fairly with enough priority.

Standing as a bold example to critically observant audience, it would be the best piece of pleasure to keep receiving brilliance projected in a seamless weave of docudrama.

Anand Iyer

Edited by Mrinaal Datt

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